Importance and Benefits of Positive Self Talk

Do You Talk to Yourself? You Aren’t CRAZY – Here Are 5 Reasons Self-talk is Actually Healthy!

Talking to yourself? Great job! Positive self-talk statements can alleviate stress, enhance memory power, and make you focus on what you must. Give yourself the right pep talk and release pent up fears or stalked up feelings. But what makes the right pep talk?

Remember those cartoons that depicted self-talk through cute little bubbles? How often do you visualise such bubbles around you? Your inner voice loves talking but needs an eager listener. As per experts, self-talk leads to more self-discipline, greater empowerment, and a host of other self-benefits – definitely not worth missing out on!

The Many Benefits of Talking to Yourself

1. Improved decision-making skills

More often than not, those who know how to do positive self-talk prove to be better decision makers. When you start talking in constructive ways to yourself, you keep organising your thoughts, resolving conflicts, and chalking your way forward. So, when you come to a point when you need to freeze your decision, your mind is crystal clear—with all the pros and cons in place—and will surely make the right choice.

2. Enhanced concentration

If you’re wondering about what to say when talking to yourself then begin by focusing on your current and desired goals. Once you channelise your energy and thoughts in one direction, you will start seeing the goal you want to achieve more distinctly. Consistent self-talk will prevent your mind from getting distracted and improve your concentration levels greatly.

3. Loads of self-motivation

Positive self-talk activities are self-designed to motivate and help you get rid of your doldrums too. By consistently affirming to yourself that “I can”, and “I will”, you eventually emerge as a winner. Instead of looking towards motivational speakers, self-proclaimed gurus and other external motivators, simply look within yourself. You have all that you need to boost yourself and go full throttle ahead.

4. Insight into tricky situations

If you’re in a boat that may rock hard any moment, then your positive self-talk statements will help you gear up. For instance, if you’re in the last stages of your pregnancy, talking to yourself will help you handle your forthcoming delivery pain better. It’s all about getting your mind prepared for future outcomes and then working backwards in the most engaging and positive ways.

5. Lighter mind and heart

Remember, bottled-up painful feelings, negative thoughts and other unhealthy emotions can lead to various mental and physical ailments. The importance of self-talk can be understood by how it allows you to drain off your pent up emotions, negativity, or aggression. Talking to yourself about people or situations that have hurt you helps in releasing toxins and makes you feel better.

Is it healthy to talk to yourself? Of course it is. It makes you a much more evolved person who knows how to think straight. Talk away!

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