DIY Hand Froggie

diy hand froggie

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All you need is your hands to create some great crafts… oh and a child that loves to be creative! This cute DIY will help you create a frog out of minimal supplies!

A fun craft activity that can also be a keepsake of their childhood for parents when the kids grow older. The hand froggie is simple to do with your kid

What You Need

  • Green Chart Paper
  • 1 Piece Of White Paper
  • A Black Marker
  • Scissors
  • Glitter (Optional)

Step-by-step Instruction

1. On a green chart paper, trace a big circle.

2. At the lower end of the circle, place your hands and trace them one by one.

3. Cut over the outline of the circle and the hands to form a frog in a squatting position

4. Flip it over to hide the lines and draw a face for the frog.

5. Cut out two white paper in oval shape for the eyes and draw black dots towards one end of the pieces for the eyeballs

6. Stick them on the back of the frog with the part containing the black eyeballs peeping out.

7. Apply some glue on the legs and then sprinkle some glitter to make them shiny!

8. Your Hand froggie is now ready!

Level of difficulty


Parental involvement


Skills enhanced

Fine motor skills like tracing and sticking.

It will be fun because…

The frog comes together right at the end and the process is quite thrilling for a child.

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