Diet Plan for 10 Month 4 Week Old Baby


The amount of food your baby will eat at this stage will depend on his nutritional requirements and appetite. But as a mum, you must make sure that his nutritional needs are met from different healthy sources. Keep adding one new food to his meal weekly and serve homemade food as much as possible. Take a look at this week 4 meal plan to know what all yummy dishes you can make for your child.

10 Month 4 Week Old Baby Food Menu & Schedule


Early morning






Day 1

Mother’s milk /formula feed

Wheat- banana sheera

Orange juice

Methi (fenugreek)- tinda (Indian squash) pulao

Mother’s milk /formula feed

French beans and peas dalia (broken wheat)

Day 2

Mother’s milk /formula feed

Sattu (barley) mix

Grated apple

Dalia (broken wheat) khichdi

Mother’s milk /formula feed

Palak (spinach) dhokla

Day 3

Mother’s milk /formula feed

Besan (gram flour)- jowar (sorghum)-coriander chilla made with curd

Stewed peach or stewed apple

Egg yolk or paneer (cottage cheese) pulao

Mother’s milk /formula feed

Bhagar (millet) cooked in buttermilk

Day 4

Mother’s milk /formula feed

Soft dosa with non-spicy sambar

Mashed chikoo (sapota) or mashed banana

Roti dipped in carrot- moong dal

Mother’s milk /formula feed

Ragi-tur dal (pigeon pea) puree with mashed rice

Day 5

Mother’s milk /formula feed

Ragi (finger millet) dosa

Stewed pear or stewed apple

Spinach pumpkin puree + jowar (sorghum) puffs

Mother’s milk /formula feed

Roti dipped in masoor dal (red lentil) + lauki (bottle gourd) sabzi

Day 6

Mother’s milk /formula feed

Boiled egg yolk or homemade paneer (cottage cheese)

Mashed papaya

Tomato- pumpkin soup

Mother’s milk /formula feed

Mashed rajma (kidney beans) with rice

Day 7

Mother’s milk /formula feed

Grated cucumber- oats pancake

Mango or mashed banana

Roti dipped in carrot- beetroot- coriander soup

Mother’s milk /formula feed

Curd rice


We hope this meal plan will help you make the tastiest dishes for your baby. If he doesn’t like the taste of an ingredient, feel free to replace it with something that agrees with his palate, but is nutritious. While cooking these foods for him, make sure to keep it less spicy. Also, don’t add too much salt – as it is harmful for his kidneys. Keep it simple – and he will eat it with delight! Do you want to know what your baby should be eating when he turns 11 months of age? Click here!