Low Calorie Snacks That Suppress Appetite

Delicious, Healthy Snacks That Make You Less Hungry!

You really need to get in shape for your best friend’s wedding next month. The only thing standing between you and your goal is frequent hunger pangs. What if you could eat foods that make you less hungry? No, we’re not kidding! It’s very much a reality!

If you’re a big fan of diet fads, the latest term doing the rounds is “hangry”. You’re on this strict diet which allows no snacking in-between meals. However, if you don’t get something soon, the growls from your stomach are bound to scare away the bravest hearts. That’s when you know you’re hangry! Hopefully, you can prevent this from happening by keeping close healthy snacks that fill you up.

Eating Right: Foods that Curb Hunger

1.Baked potatoes

Potatoes? You surely couldn’t have read it properly right? Wrong! While potato has been the official mascot of fat-foods, research counts it as one of those foods that make you less hungry. With a high satiating index, a quick munch on these baked spuds is sure to keep you full for at least two hours after. Increase the goodness by keeping the skins on.

2. Nutty affair

You’ve always made it a point to stay away from those rich, sinfully tasty nuts. While it’s true that peanuts or almonds do tend to pack a ton of calories, their heart-healthy cousin pistachios are hunger-satiating as well as low calorie filling snacks. Eat them by the handfuls whenever you feel the longing to munch on something and get protection against heart disease as a bonus!

3. Sweet delight

There’s no reason why you can’t indulge your sweet tooth, just because you’re on a diet. Instead of reaching out for that tub of delicious gooey chocolate ice-cream, settle for some Greek yogurt. The creamy probiotics-rich yogurt is one of the snacks that keep you full while loading you up on all the goodies. Add a few chopped strawberries on top and you’ve fulfilled your vitamin C quota as well.


4. Go green

Green veggies are definitely good for you! Not only are they counted among zero-calorie foods, they are also snacks that suppress appetite. So, next time you want to satisfy the belly monster, keep some cucumbers, zucchini, celery, or even carrots handy. Their high water content keeps you hydrated. The fiber gives you the satisfaction of chewing and you end up with a full stomach! It’s a total win-win situation.

5. Mr Beans

Last on the list is everyone’s favourite beans. The high fiber and starch content of these legumes slows the digestion in the stomach and keeps you full longer. Beans are great for both improving and retaining your awesome figure!
For those in the weight watchers club, having access to healthy snacks can feel like a boon. They help you satisfy mid-day cravings while making sure you don’t break your calorie bank. Here’s a tip for you: next time you’re wondering if something is a healthy snacking option, remember the PWF criteria: low-calorie protein, high water and fiber content. Stock your kitchen with these weight-loss friendly foods and happy munching!

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