Thoughts Every Woman Has While Street Shopping

Crazy Street Shopping Thoughts We’ve All Had!

No matter how much women shop in malls, the streets – with their fashionable clothing and knock off designer bags – have their own allure. Women will throng the streets and thrift markets for a good buy at dirt-cheap prices, yet be plagued by some of the most common street shopping thoughts.

Finding stylish clothes, bags and shoes at killer prices is every girls dream. We’ll bargain, fight, push and shove to get what we want and yet we’ll have these peculiar thoughts about our purchases off the streets. Here’s a look at some of the crazy street shopping thoughts we’re all guilty of having.

Thoughts Women Have When Out Street Shopping

Does it look cheap?

We went for that particular item because it was dirt cheap and then we wonder if it looks cheap. Even if it does, our minds are already made up, so what’s the fuss all about?

What if my friends find out I’ve bought this from here?

One of the most common street shopping thoughts to hit women is what their hoity-toity friends who shop at fancy malls will think about their street side purchase! You should have thought about that before buying that knock-off Louis Vuitton bag!

What if my friends find out I’ve bought this from here

I’ll give him my price and then walk on hoping he’ll call me back!

You decide to knock the shopkeeper down quoting your final price and then move on, letting him know that you’re not hard up for it when you secretly are. So you’ll do the walk on ahead bit and hope with all your heart he’ll call you back and lower the price, so that you don’t have to return 20 stalls later looking and feeling foolish!

I should have bargained a little more and got it cheaper!

You didn’t have to bargain all that much with the shopkeeper who quite willingly gave it to you at your price. You then realise that he may have even been willing to bargain a little more! Too late to cry over spilt milk!

Where’s my regular guy?

You’ve just told your friend about the guy from that particular shop who always gives you a good discount and just the day she decides to go with you, he’s not there. Instead of picking it up for just a wee bit more, you actually contemplate coming back the next day when he’ll be there.

Can you make out the defect?

You’ve picked up a designer bag for a steal and then you’re worried about the defect in it. Even if the defect requires a magnifying glass to make it out, it still bothers you each time you brandish it in front of your friends.

I better wash it before I wear it!

How many times have we had that thought run through our minds? The fact that it’s second hand and someone else has worn it before. We’re eager to buy it but not enough to wear it before giving it a good wash.

The lure of a bargain basement prices always overrule whatever thoughts women have while street shopping. Who doesn’t love procuring a giant wardrobe at a fraction of the price? Even if it is to just brag!

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