Couple Yoga: Benefits & Poses to Try With Your Partner

Couple Yoga Posses to Strengthen Your Relationship

Yoga means union in Sanskrit. It is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines. Practising yoga can help you stay fit, both mentally as well as physically. This New Year, start doing yoga with your partner to unite with him.

What Is Couple Yoga?

In today’s times, most of the couples are so busy on their phones or laptops that they do not have time for each other even when they are sitting next to each other. This puts a huge dent in the communication between them. Couple yoga is a form of yoga that is designed to build a physiological and physical connection with your partner. Flow sequences and postures are designed in a way to create trust and strengthen communication, all with a sense of light-heartedness and laughter. Couple yoga brings two people together using breath, touch, play, movement, and intimacy.

Benefits of Doing Couple Yoga

Below are some benefits of doing couple yoga with your partner. Doing yoga wit your partner can bring a change in your relationship:

1. Allows You to Let Go

Sometimes when we have a bad day, it becomes quite tempting to take out all that frustration on your partner. Couple yoga helps you learn to let go and approach life in a child-like way. It lets you learn to love what you have and not take life so seriously all the time.

2. Improves Physical and Emotional Support in a Relationship

Since both partners need to be fully engaged and depend on each other to create the poses and maintain their alignment, balance, and focus, couple yoga can enhance the communication between you and your partner. It also increases faith between the two of you, as you need each other’s full support to execute the poses.

3. Can Help You Get Intimate with Your Partner

Doing yoga with your partner can allow you and your partner to not take each other or your life problems too seriously. When you communicate freely and openly, your life becomes fun. If you are going through a rough patch in your relationship, couple yoga can help. Practise yoga with your partner on a daily basis to heighten intimacy.

4. Can Make You Aware of Each Other

Touch is an important part of a couple yoga. When you do yoga with your partner, your body parts will come in contact; you will be able to hear the heartbeat of each other; you will even be able to hear each other’s breath. This awareness can heighten your body’s ability to perform yoga and makes it easier for you to do difficult poses with less effort.

A couple doing yoga together

5. Helps Create Balance

Every relationship has certain patterns. One day, you may be too sensitive and lose your sense of self, and on other days, you may be so guarded emotionally that you fail to make a real connection with your partner. Couple yoga allows two people to clearly define their role of support and get fully engaged, creating a perfect balance.

6. GiveS You Some Real Good Moments

In a couple yoga, you can let go of the idea that the bigger person has to pick up the smaller person because it works either way. It is about two people moving together so you can also receive someone else’s weight. This can help you live some precious moments together.

7. Improves Trust

Couple yoga channels interdependence. When we learn to trust someone more, we also trust ourselves more. This allows us to be more vulnerable in front of someone, giving us the ability to get into deeper poses with less effort. Couple yoga hence increases ease between partners by mutual support.

Couple Yoga Asanas to Build Strong Relationship

Here are ten partner yoga poses you can try with your partner to build up your relationship with him or her:

1. Centre Pose

Sit across your partner in a cross-legged way with your hands on each other’s knees. Look into each other’s eyes and just breathe. This will bring you closer to your partner and will allow you to truly see each other and appreciate each other.

2. Seated Cat Cow Position

Sit across your partner in the centre pose, reach out your forearms and interlace them with your partners’, creating a bind. Draw your shoulders down and back. When you inhale, lift your chest by extending the spine, allowing your head to arc back. When you exhale, bring your chin to your chest, round your back and spread your shoulder blades.

3. Sitting Spinal Twist

Sit in a centre pose with your partner and cross your arms, holding each other’s hands. Twist your spine in the opposite direction to your partner, using his hands to deepen the twist. Exhale, release and do the same on the other side.

Spinal twist

4. Backwards/Forward Back to Backbend

Sit back to back with your partner. Have him stretch his legs and lean forward in a way that he is touching his feet. You place your feet on the ground and lean backwards pressing on his back. This pose stretches your spine and chest and his back and hamstrings. Make sure to do it slowly.

5. Back to Back Shoulder Stretch

Stand back to back with your partner and extend both your arms to shoulder level. Interlace your hands with your partners, palms against each other, creating a T position. Take turns to gently pull on each other’s hands creating a stretch across the shoulders and chest.

6. Back to Back

Sit cross-legged; your back should touch your partner’s back. Take deep breaths and notice how your breath syncs with your partners. Now give each other 3 minutes to speak what’s on your mind. This is a great exercise to listen and see how to engage with your partner when you cannot see their face.

A couple sitting back to back pose

7. Back to Back Chair Sitting

Stand back to back with your partner and with your arms on your sides. Press against each other’s backs to maintain balance, slowly spread your legs to hip-width. Lower down as if you’re sitting on a chair. When your knees have a 90-degree angle, hold for 3-5 breaths, and push on each other backs to straighten up. This exercise builds trust and strengthens the body and mind.

8. Side Bend

Sit across your partner and stretch your legs (he should too) so that they touch touches his feet. Reach for his same side (right-right or left-left) hand and hold wrist to forearm. Bend sideways with him while stretching your other arm overhead. This creates space between your ribs and allows you to take deeper breaths.

9. Flying Warrior

Let your partner lie on his back, knees bent and legs lifted above at a 45-degree angle. You should stand, leaning against his feet and clasping his hands. Now he will lift his legs above in a ‘flying’ position. You will be on top in the air – on the soles of his feet. This pose cultivates balance, stability, freedom, and playfulness.

A couple in flying warrior position

10. Sitting Bound Angle

Sit across your partner with the soles of your feet together and his legs extended so that his feet press against your shins. Interlace your forearms with his and bend forward slowly while he pulls back on your arms. This pose opens the outer hips and inner thighs, while increasing intimacy and trust.

Couple yoga is a great medium to deepen intimacy and communication in your relationship. So practise these yoga poses with your partner starting today.

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