How Much Sex is Normal and Healthy for Couples

Could You Be Having Too Much Sex?

How much sex is healthy? Well, this one doesn’t have an answer up straight but needs to be figured out with time. Life offers you some subtle cues that let you be your own boss, at least in bed!

Do you think you might be indulging your carnal interests a tad too much, but don’t know how much is too much when it comes to sex? The problem with sex in a relationship is that there isn’t any clear-cut way to know if you’re overdoing it between the sheets. So, how do you know if you or your husband are bordering on the excess?

How Much Sex is Healthy, Really?

1. Sex Formula—The Big Deal

There’s no denying that your sexual attraction and compatibility will be an important parameter for your relationship. But if you’re wondering what’s the great deal behind how much sex is normal for couples, be warned. As per some experts, indulgence in sex to a maximum limit of 4-5 times weekly is healthy enough. However, if you’re postponing work or not meeting your friends enough because of sex, you may be inviting trouble!

2. Statistics Speak for Themselves

Is too much sex bad? According to some research, many 18 to 29 years old are known to have sexual experiences at an average rate of 112 times each year! On the other hand, those in the age bracket of 30 to 39 years end up in bed about 69 times annually. If that serves as an average, what’s healthy? Well, sexual frequency has been seen to rise when people move in together, so don’t be alarmed if you seem to be wanting sex with your husband all the time after marriage. Keep up the intimacy for a long, long time and quit worrying too much.

Statistics speak for themselves

3. Chalking Out the ‘Too Much Sex Symptoms’

Have you been looking up Google often to find out can too much sex be bad for you? Indulging in sex in lieu of breakfast, lunch, or dinner; or staying away from office, only because you would rather make love, can become problematic if it becomes a routine. Craving for sex at all times isn’t a lifestyle disorder, but your behavior shouldn’t take a toll on your day-to-day life. Please seek expert help if you face depression, withdrawal symptoms, irritability or excessive sleep – sometimes, it’s simply your hormones on overdrive and rest assured this is a common problem.

4. Draw a Line

It may sound a little funny to the adult in you, but it’s good to schedule sex in such a way that it in no way pressurises your partner who has a lower libido than yours. This way, there be be fewer moments of rejection for the partner with a higher sex drive. Also, if you’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed (either emotionally or physically) by the amount or the kind of sex that you may be having, then do think of taking a break after discussing this with your husband.

The urge to be naughty in bed points to basic instincts. However, you should accommodate each other’s sexual needs and draw a line when you experience too many side effects of sex. Make love, not conflict, we say!

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