Could TV Be Killing Your Sex Life? Find Out!

Could TV Be Killing Your Sex Life?

If you feel something is spoiling your romance but can’t quite nail it, the culprit may just be your television set! Some studies show that sex and television aren’t a good combination. What you need to do is rediscover your time as a couple, in real rather than reel life.

Watching your favourite shows at the end of a long day might be your perfect idea of relaxing. However, sex and the tube are sworn enemies! If the telly seems to be mucking up your sex life, it’s time to bring some change.

Say ‘No More’ To TV Ruining Your Sex Life

1. Keep it out of the bedroom

Many households have a television set in the bedroom. While this might afford you more private viewing time, it also takes away from other things you would otherwise do with your partner – most importantly, talking and having sex! Hard though it may be, try and confine the television to the living room or family room. The effort it’ll take to hike there may motivate you to relax in the bedroom and make love.

2. Discipline yourself

Are you one of those people who can’t sleep unless the TV is running in the background? That might have been fine when you were single but with a partner, it’s extremely unromantic to be nodding off to the sound of the television. Instead, indulge in conversation with each other. That, more often than not, might lead to the two of you engaging in some action.

Discipline yourself

3. Find common ground

If you like to unwind with a juicy soap opera and your husband loves the news, then find something both of you enjoy watching together. The biggest impact of TV on your sex life is that you end up watching stuff that does nothing to bring you closer. Plan a schedule with one soap opera and one news segment, after which you both watch something. Say, a good movie you can cuddle up to?

4. Create couple time

Eating while watching TV is a mechanical activity you shouldn’t become a slave to. Make a rule that the tube will remain turned off during dinner. Most couples who don’t watch TV while eating have found that they not only enjoy their food more but also get a wonderful chance to catch up on each other’s day. It’s an easy way to feel more connected.

5. Have a switch-off time

Decide on a time after which the TV will be switched off so you can enjoy time together as a couple. If you know beforehand that your TV viewing is going to be limited, it’ll leave your mind freer to come up with other activities you can indulge in like heating up the sheets! You don’t want a situation when your or your husband’s addiction to the TV leads to less sex.

At the end of the day, creating a balance between sex and the telly has to be a mutual decision couples need to make. Remind yourselves that the cocktail of sex and television is something you won’t find palatable at all!

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