Tips for Starting Conversation with 23 Months Old Child

Conversation Starters to Teach Your Tot To Talk

Talking with your child is the best way to get him to do the same. But what does one say to a toddler who doesn’t say much? Here are some conversation topics for children, which are sure to interest them. Use them as a base to get your child talking.

The best way to get your toddler talking is by speaking with him.It also helps develop his brain and increase his vocabulary. A two-way conversation indicates that you’re interested in his ideas and opinions. When he’s encouraged to speak, he’ll be more eager to learn new words and phrases.

Some Conversation Starter Questions for Toddlers

1. About the Child

You can start by asking your toddler some simple questions about himself such as his age, his birthday, and how he celebrated his last birthday.The list really is endless! You can even ask him to give you five words that describe him best. This is a good conversation starter, and once he opens up, the stories will flow.

2. About His Day Care

Day care offers many questions to ask your child since apart from home it’s where he spends the most time. You can ask your child which day care he goes to, who his favourite teacher is, and who he sits next to. You can also ask who his best friend there is, and whether he enjoys going to day care.

3. About the Family

Ask questions about things your toddler is familiar with, like the family. You can ask simple questions about his siblings and grandparents. Children love pets and if you have any, ask your child what its name is and whether it’s a cat, dog, fish or rabbit. You can also ask what he likes to do with mummy and daddy.

4. Story Time

Starting a conversation with a 23-month-old can be tough, but all children love stories. They can hear their favourite tale a hundred, and probably know it by heart as well. Ask your toddler questions about his favourite story, and he’s sure to go on and on. The magical world of fairies and princes and dragons is enthralling for every child. Tell him a new story and he’ll listen with full attention. Talk about it once you’re done.

5. A Recent Outing

Take your toddler to visit interesting places such as the railway museum or a sanctuary. Ask him questions about what he enjoyed most, or which animal was his favourite. If he recently attended a birthday party, question him about it. What did he like best about the party? Did he eat cake, and did he like it? What activities did he enjoy doing?

Having a conversation with a child is the best way to build a relationship with him. Talking with toddlers who understand but are not yet speaking encourages them to talk. However, at times it is difficult to converse with a child, because as adults we don’t quite know what to talk to a 23-month-old toddler about! The thing to remember is that you need to think at his level and consider topics he identifies well with and finds interesting.

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