Why Are Expectant Moms Called ‘Patients’ in Hospitals?

For the first time moms-to-be, it might have hurt their emotions when they heard themselves referred to as a ‘patient’ at hospitals. Ever since women start nurturing a life inside the womb they hear and read everywhere that it is the divine power allocated to only the women of the world to bring a life in the world. Motherhood is a journey where there are ups and downs, and when the expectant moms are called ‘patients’ at the hospital, isn’t it demeaning or dishonouring the superpower provided by God to them by considering
them as suffering from some diseases and referred to as ‘patient’? We are not suffering from any disease. Please stop calling pregnant women patients at hospitals. Please for heaven’s sake stop thinking of us as sick and use some non-hurting word like ‘expectant’
or anything which is more morale-boosting than hurting. Our body is moulded in such a way that we are not giving birth to be sick. Doctors are just here to help us ease the journey.

Each motherhood experience is unique in its own way. An expectant mom falls into sudden anxiety in a hospital environment. So let’s try to comfort them by at least not calling them patients.
Hormonal disbalance during pregnancy make it really difficult for moms-to-be. Let’s not complicate their hormonal rush by forcefully letting them feel sick.
Let the strong body and soul remain strong!
Let them feel super powerful!
Let the nurturing happen more organically!
Let the balanced energy of nature play its role more efficiently!
Let the power and the energy double by motivating them at par!
First time moms-to-be are prone to be depressed with the numerous Coronavirus cases around, they are stuck at work, away from family, working and doing all the day-to-day activities for their own survival and best for the growth of the womb. In this time when the world is struggling with the spread of coronavirus, let’s lower the stress levels of moms-to-be.
Let’s try to support the mom-to-be more and more so that the journey becomes easy for them.
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