Parents Role in Children’s Growth and Development

Parents are the greatest and the first ideals or role models for any growing babies; it is rightly said that whatever the child learns first is from the family, especially the parents. It felt true when I became a mother two years ago. Babies have excellent observation skills, and they grasp things fast; once they see us doing something. Their next step will be to do it independently, so you need to be very cautious with your actions.

One day I was straightening my hair, and my son was watching me; I completed my task and kept the straighter on the bed and left the room too. I thought of keeping it back once it cooled down. I considered putting it away once it had cooled off. Fortunately, my son did not enter the room for several hours, but when the lights were turned on, I saw him in the room, holding the straighter and doing the same thing I was doing; at that point, I got goosebumps and wondered what would have happened if he had entered the room immediately after the straighter was placed. It was hot, and anything could have happened; he could have burnt his hand or cheek if he had taken it near the face. This was just a small act; imagine you and your husband quarrel in front of the baby? Then? What next? The baby would grasp your words, and those words could impact the child in a wrong way.


Dear parents, children are like water; they take the space of the vessel you pour them in. Instil good ideas in your youngster to help them become a great person. And, once again, your actions are critical; be mindful of your negative behaviours and never make the baby suffer due to something you don’t want the infant to do in the future.


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