Some Tips for New Moms to Stay Healthy and Happy

Pregnancy is the best phase in a woman’s life. When we are pregnant, we patiently wait for our little munchkins to come out in the world. Soon, the wait gets over and we have our little bundle of joys in our arms. But what’s next? People talk so much about pregnancy, but very less is discussed about a new mom’s health and fitness. The newborn is in limelight, but the new mom is suddenly nowhere in the picture. But today, I want to throw light upon a few tips that worked wonders for me when I delivered my twins. So here are some of the tips which helped me sail smoothly in my new journey as a mother!

  1. Rest: I took a lot of rest. Take rest whenever you can as you will hardly get any when you have the baby. With the new mommy duties and constant feeding-burping-nappy changing sessions, you will have a tough time catching up on your sleep. But, take help of the family and make your sleep routine in accordance with your baby’s. This will ensure you are fresh and energetic to attend to your baby.
  1. Follow a Healthy Diet: This is again of primary importance. Follow a diet which is suitable for new mothers. It should be rich in iron and calcium to keep your body healthy.
  1. Share Your Duties: As I already mentioned, new moms hardly get any rest. So delegate your duties to someone trustworthy. For eg., sterilising the bottles, taking care of dirty laundry, or changing nappies can be done by anyone and in that way, you will get your much-deserved rest.
  1. Schedule Your Things: Maintaining a schedule or a to-do list is always preferable. Agreed, babies can sometimes be unpredictable, but a to-do list can save a lot of your time and help you stay sane!
  1. Spend Time With Your Baby: This one is not a tip, but is sure on every new mom’s mind all the time. Spending enough time with the baby is important for any mother. And trust me, the baby makes all this struggle, worth it. So cherish this time because this will be a lifetime memory for you.

These were a few tips, which I found really useful after delivering my baby. Since I was blessed with twins, things were quite hectic for me and shutting my eyes for even a few minutes seemed impossible for me. But the above tips helped me to a great extent. This journey of parenthood is truly a bliss and no other pleasure can ever match up to this feeling! Happy parenting!

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