Tips to Inculcate Reading Habits in Kids

It is claimed that books are our best companions, which is entirely accurate. Reading books, newspapers, magazines, and other online articles improves a person’s vocabulary, attention span, and analytical skills. Even before your child starts school, you may instil reading habits in them. Reading with your children from an early age and allowing them to appreciate the pleasures of reading are the secrets to encouraging reading habits in your children.
Some children have a natural affinity for reading, while others dislike it. Don’t be worried if your youngster falls into the second category. However, you must take specific steps to help your child acquire reading habits. There are a variety of techniques to foster and strengthen your child’s reading habits. First of all, you should figure out why your child does not like reading.

Why My Child Does Not Like Reading?


There are different reasons why your child might not like reading. Here are some of the reasons listed below that you may like to know.

  • Reading is a boring task for your child, and does not have a natural aptitude for reading.
  • Your child might feel that reading is a chore and is only essential for doing school homework.

  • The child might be having trouble pronouncing and reading certain words

  • Your child might just not have found the right book which he or she likes to read.

Now the good part is that once you come to know why your child does not like reading, you can address that issue along with your child and make reading fun for him or her. 


Tips to Inculcate Reading Habits in Your Child

You can try some of these easy and simple-to-follow tips to encourage and teach good reading habits to your child. Have a look at the list below.


  1. Create a Reading Area

To encourage your child to read, you can make a library or reading area in your home. It can be a small corner in your kid’s room or an entire room. You can also arrange some chairs and a table and make it like a small reading room where you and your kid can sit together and have fun while reading books. 


2. Make Reading a Daily Habit

From the day you bring your newborn home, you can start reading to him or her. The baby’s love is cuddled in a warm lap and respond to the soothing voice of their parents, and your child will grow up looking forward to reading time.


3. Read in Front of Your Kid

To develop good reading habits in your kid, first of all, you should start reading in front of your child. You can read a book, a newspaper, a magazine or whatever you like. Kids learn what they see, and if you are excited about reading, they will catch up to your enthusiasm.


4. Encourage Reading Everywhere

Teach your child that reading is not just about reading books. Encourage and help your child to read menu cards, hoardings on the road, instruction manual for products, road signs, movie names, and a lot more.


5. Connect the Dots Between Reading and Real Life

Please help your child practically apply what he or she is reading into day-to-day life. If your child sees a similarity between what he or she is reading and the things that are happening in the real-life, then the child will have more tremendous enthusiasm for reading. 


6. Visit the Library Often

A library is a great place to explore new books and authors; you get a wide variety of options over there. Your child can also pick out the book, that catches his or her attention and have fun reading at home. These libraries also have story hours or other literacy programs for kids.


7. Let Your Child Pick What to Read

The trip to the library becomes extra special when you let your child choose the book that he or she wants to read. Kids would love to read something that they pick out themselves and are very excited about it. So, give your kid time to move about in the children’s section in the library and choose the book that he or she likes to read. 


8. Expose Your Child to Different Genres of Books

Once you find a book that interests your child, then the child will be excited about reading. But, do not limit your child to the same genre of reading. You should include mystery, non-fiction, fiction, science fiction, comic books, biographies, and many more types of books in your child’s reading.


9. Talk About What Your Child Is Reading

Once your child starts reading a book, every day, discuss with your child what is his or her favourite part of the book. Discuss with the kid regarding the book’s story and, if possible, also read the book with the kid.

10. Support Your Child


If your child has difficulty reading, then do not force the child, but take a step back and address that issue. You might also want to talk to your child’s teacher regarding this and work with him or her to bring improvement to your kid. 

11. Reading Should Be Fun and Not a Punishment


Use these tips to improve reading habits in your child. Work with him or her to find out which one is better for your child and make reading fun for your kid. 

So, these are some of the tips to help your child develop good reading habits. 


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