This When I Learnt a Mother’s Instinct Is REAL and How It Transformed Parenting for Me!

To be honest, it is difficult to express how you feel when you see your little one on the ultrasound and capture that little heart beating. Those emotions, feelings, excitement, and happiness are so overwhelming that a mother always hopes for this phase to freeze.


Indeed, embracing motherhood is not everyone’s cup of tea. The parenthood journey comes with a lot of surprises at every twisted curve. Right from the day you see two pink lines on the pregnancy result window, you start looking for a guide for first-time parents, do’s and don’ts, and everything that would do in your capacity to protect your child. 

The motherhood journey has taught me quite a few lessons, but most importantly, it has induced in me a different level of self-confidence. It is expected that a mother-to-be has some inbuilt maternal instincts and a set of caregiving abilities for her little one. But, I didn’t believe in all this until I became one.


Someone giving you parental advice is not a thing of the past. Our culture comes with a detailed manual in the form of well-wishers. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a grocery store or a mall, or sitting in the comfort of your own house, people are ‘more than’ willing to give their pieces of advice on parenting. While I found a mass of information everywhere, the contrasting viewpoints of the crowd would drown out my gut feeling. This is when I would begin to doubt my parenting practices. 


As a mother, in most cases, I have put my instinct to use and have possibly made a better decision about what is good or could be bad for my child. But, sometimes seeking suggestions or being given unsolicited advice from any random body can lead to utter mental chaos. It has often left me in the state where I’ve questioned my own instinct- my weapon of sanity.


“Can one trust her maternal instinct?” Yes, but we often shut that voice and intentionally seek validation from the outside world. 


Remember, no one’s advice would match the little intricacies that make you and your child special or the bond you share with him/her. Also, no one is going to connect with your child in ways that you can. Like you read a blog or surf the internet to get help, you should allow your gut to work when it comes to raising your kids.


For instance, when I became a mother, I wondered how I would choose the best baby products. Today, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to baby care brands advertising their products and their benefits. But which one is best? I’ve always relied on products free of dyes, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. I generally recommend and also use organic products made from skin-friendly ingredients that would make the motherhood journey easy.

Products like breast pumps have given wings to my mother’s instinct and eased my anxiety multifold. The products I’ll be recommending are easy to use and have made my life stress-free.


Being a mother, we know that breast milk contains a range of benefits for babies. It is rich in nutritional components, antioxidants, and enzymes, and protects babies against diseases. However, we forget that breastfeeding has its limitations. Sometimes, breastfeeding becomes tiring and unmanageable due to several reasons. But thanks to these electric and manual breast pumps, my baby gets to enjoy my breast milk even when I am not around.

Recently, I purchased this Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump from FirstCry, and I must say, using this breast pump has been a great experience. Firstly, it is the fastest method of expressing breast milk and has adjustable suction levels. What I liked the most is, that it has indication levels that inform about milk collection. Also, unlike a manual pump, this electric pump saves you from using your hands, which can be exhausting sometimes. However, you might not like the low buzzing noise of the electric motor pumping (Honestly, it eases your life so much, that the buzz of the motor will start to sound relaxing to you!)


If you are looking for an electric breast pump, ensure that it is easy to use and assemble. Also, it must have an adjustable vacuum and should be easier to carry everywhere. However, electric breast pumps are costlier than manual breast pumps.

If you are on a tighter budget, buying an Avent manual breast pump is also a good option. It is convenient in size, lightweight, and has a simple-to-use mechanism. Furthermore, it works when there’s a power outage too. When you are on a parenting journey, you have to keep in mind the budget too. This manual pump comes at a reasonable rate and is compact to carry (the thing I liked the most). It lets you sit comfortably during pumping, and you don’t have to lean forward to check whether the milk is ending up in the bottle or not.


As a mother, I found these pumps to be non-negotiable. They are absolutely necessary to have during your breastfeeding journey. I’m glad I trusted my instinct during this phase, it has been rewarding to say the least.

PS. Getting comfortable with your instinct might take time. Remember what works for others, might not work for you. Take time to tune in to how you feel, and slowly you’ll be able to drown out opinions that conflict with your own. Happy parenting, fellow Mumma!


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