Mother: The Only Goddess in Real Life

Being a mother is a beautiful journey, but the irony is that there is no destination to it. The journey begins with the sacrifices of a mother and continues until the end. We believe in and worship God, but we have never seen him in real life. If God exists, they come on earth in the form of our mothers.


The day a woman becomes a mother, she becomes the Goddess who only gives and never asks for anything in return. She pours in her selfless love for her children, something that no one else in this world can ever do. At times, she has to be strict to ensure the safety of her children; the decisions she takes for them are always right, though it takes an era for the children to realize that. She tries to take every step to sync with her family’s expectations and be within the boundaries she has been given to act. Our generation can take a stand to break the boundaries set by society. However, our mothers exhibit strong respect for everything society determines, irrespective of right or wrong. They believe in paving a path for their kids through every odd. Mothers carry the inner strength will power to do what is best for their children. They leave no stone unturned to keep us happy and help us reach where we are!

A mother has the sixth sense that keeps her connected with her children, no matter how distant they are. Sometimes you are surprised when your mom calls up to ask if you are okay when you are really worried or sad. She has a connection with her child that people call telepathy. The way she is connected with her child is incomparable to any other feeling in this world. It is the purest form of relationship that we can worship forever.


We mostly hear that she is blessed with a son or daughter, but I opine that those children are blessed who are born to such mothers. Respect her, love her, and care for her before it’s too late. Make her realize that she is praiseworthy and has been the greatest of all. Her love is always selfless, unconditional, and unbound, whatever the situations and wherever she may be. Keep this truth in mind, and you will never fail her!

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