The Journey of Motherhood Begins During Pregnancy: Prenatal Care

The prenatal stage plays a major role in a mom–to–be and baby’s life. Various changes take place in the life of the mother and their family.
So let’s begin the journey.

1. Regular Prenatal Checkup

Have your regular visits to the doctor to make sure you and your baby are healthy. Have regular scans done as recommended by your gynecologist to check your baby’s growth.

2. Food Diet: Morning Sickness

a. Take a handful of mint leaves and smell it. It refreshes you.
b. Keep chewing fennel seeds to ease morning sickness.
c. Sniff a lemon or have a few drops of lemon juice mixed in water.
Eat healthy foods. Include the right balance of folic acids, iron, proteins, fiber, zinc, and carbohydrates. Have lots of dry fruits, leafy vegetables, millets, and fruits.

3. Physically Fit

Keep yourself physically fit. Yoga keeps you fresh, relaxed, and healthy. Meditation gives you and your baby positive vibes. Listen to your favourite music. Go for a walk with your loved ones. Sit in the open area for fresh air. Listen to positive things to be yourself positive.

4. Prayers

Prayers keep us safe. Spend some time in religious activities and visiting religious places.

5. Talk to the Child

Yes, you heard it right! A child can hear the mother’s voice. Talk to the child. Teach good things. Share your happiness with your baby. Tell stories that have a good moral. Talk about yourself and your family. Tell your baby how much you love them. Sing lullabies or your favourite songs. This improves the child’s language, cognitive skills after their birth. It also improves your bonding. Your voice does great things to the baby. It makes the baby calm and happy. It makes the child emotionally strong. Let your baby’s father talk to the child. This improves baby-father bonding.
These things will keep baby and mom-to-be safe and healthy.
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