The Evolution of the Mom in Me in a Nutshell

The fascinating journey of a tomboy enduring the joyous path to loving motherhood… that is me in a nutshell.
Being a sister to a very awesome brother was my most inspirational part of being a tomboy. I did almost everything I could do to be a boyish girl. To be the ultimate tomboy – I was quite proud of it too. The masculinity and the strength – I kind of loved the freedom!
That lasted for about a long time until I met the MAN.
All of a sudden, the coin just flipped. I started looking in the mirror pampering me with a few beauty treats. A pink tint of shyness began to bloom in me.
The roses in my garden smelled sensual, the music of romance echoed. The love for red was the deepest. And I was lost in the path of love! And I felt like I’m almost a pretty WOMAN.
Pregnancy – the fruit of love was blossoming in me. I was so fond of the dolphin jumping in me – the bump and the jump! The late-night craving and the early morning sickness. The unexpected stretchy tattoo designs I saw on my tummy. The expectations and the hype of being a mother were beyond the limit. And finally, the bundle of joy, the cuteness overload was in my arms snuggling.  On a sweet December evening with Christmas carols surrounding us… such a divine day.
Mom with newborn
And that was the beginning of the sweetest of all roller coaster rides I have ever been on, and that was the beginning of me evolving into the realm of motherhood. It was not very simple but was more fascinating. The early riser, the snuggling, the burping, the diaper changing, the cute little blue booties, the ever cute angel dress, the late night sleeping, the crying that was almost non-stop! The feeding part was quite a job but was fun when it was his favourite. Making him enjoy his veggies and making creative and eye-catching foods was such a fun part of being a mother. I too love a few of the baby foods. The saddest part was when I had to get immunization for the baby; the pain he experienced during the prick was so sad.

The main target of all was getting healthy and not getting sick, but yeah, it was never possible to always stay away from a running nose or an upset tummy. The little steps in the corridor he took by himself was unforgettable; with his little favourite lion toy, he was truly a ‘Lion King’. Later, I thought about the next step – his school, how would he sing with his friends, his cute dance concert, the funny sports events. That was when I started remembering I have not been in front of the mirror like I used to be before, and I almost forgot about grooming myself because I was busy grooming my baby superhero!

And that was when I realised I have come a long way from a from a tomboy to a girl to a woman to a mother and 24/7 dedicated mom friend to my little superhero Alexander!

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