The Art of being a ‘Coronartist’: Are You One?

Staying sane while staying put is an art. Are you a ‘Coronartist’? Read on…
1.  Good art entails allegiance to an idea. In today’s trying times, the notion of safety before all else is that idea. We ought to take the bull by its horns and collectively resolve to do our bit for our families and the world around. The road ahead is not likely to be welcoming. The question, however, is— do we have a choice?
2. It rests on the cornerstone of efforts. Quarantining demands of us quite a few, too— walking that extra mile to practise good hygiene, avoiding social gatherings, limiting the number of times we visit a shop for stocking up on essentials; to name a few. To understand the gravity of the problem, consider a case in point from the horse’s (mare’s?) mouth: my own son’s first birthday is in May. I spent countless nights thinking of putting together that one party the photos of which I thought would be saved for posterity! I had everything planned. From the colour of the balloons to the venue to the clothes to the time. Tell me, could anything be more heartbreaking? My child would never be one again. I would always feel sad for not being able to celebrate his first. But who is more important: the celebration or the child?
3. Passion makes up the core of it. The result of anything that we put our heart and soul into is seldom disappointing. The assurance of safety— especially when it is as hard-earned as it is in this case— is akin to a spell of magic! To continue from point 2 above, my son would soon be a toddler. When he is finally safe to have a birthday party, I would be happiest to see him cutting his birthday cake while he’s standing on his own feet! The little sacrifices that we all make, add up— drop by drop— and contribute to the larger good of humanity.

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