Strong Family Relations Makes Happy and Strong Kids

God offers us a child, like a flowering plant that requires our attention. When newborns enter our lives, they become our entire universe. Our entire world begins to revolve around them. However, creating a healthy environment in the home for the child to bloom like a happy flower is a significant concern. Our interactions with other family members in the house are essential. What we do will be emulated by our children. If we want our children to be respectful and disciplined, we must model this behaviour for them. We must, for example, treat one other with respect. For the child, parents serve as role models. Even the mother-father relationship has an impact on the child.
1. Parents must never argue in front of their children. If they do, the children will become reserved or violent due to the yelling.
2. Fathers should never yell at their mother in front of kids; if they do, they will also lose respect for their mother.
3. If there is a problem or something they want to discuss. Please don’t do anything in front of your children, and don’t exhibit your bad mood.
4. Never pass any remark in front of the kids regarding their father. This may create a bad image of the father in their minds.
5. Never compare them to another child; each child has unique characteristics.
6. We all know how much grandparents adore their grandchildren. So let them spoil them but in moderation.
7. If your child throws tantrums, involve them in other activities and distract them.
8. If the child is crying because they do not wish to go to school, tell the grandparents not to get involved; otherwise, they will seek a safer zone and throw more tantrums.
9. Request that they spend meaningful time with you. Hearing stories and sharing food with them strengthens their relationship.
So these are some of the factors we should take care of, and our home will be a peaceful place to live.
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