Sometimes I Wish to Go Back to Feel Some Moments

I want to feel that board exam pressure again,
I want to listen to that boring lecture again.
I want to feel those moments again that used to give me butterflies,
I want to sit again on the playground and feel that grass again
I want to go to school on those rainy days again and listen to the beautiful sound of rain.
I want to go back to the day when I first saw you and live that feeling again.
I want to go back to the day when you held my hands and wrote your name on my hands.
I want to feel that hug again that makes me melt.
I want to feel that kiss again, which was not less than a pure blessing.
I also want to go back and feel the first ride on your bike, and this time I want to hold you more tightly, not shy away from as I did earlier.
I want to go back to many occasions and live those feelings again.
I know it’s weird as time has passed, and it’s impossible to go back.
Still, I want to feel some feelings.
I miss that time because I was a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a friend, and now I am just a lady with a baby.
The baby belongs to everyone, and it makes me so happy.
While my belongingness is lost and seems hard to find.
Getting married is exciting but seeing every relation change is sometimes hard to accept.
And once you become a mother, every relation changes drastically.
To be a mother is beautiful, but seeing everyone changing is not attractive.
I think it’s the beauty of life. It comes with different layers. Every layer consists of some surprise. Some are lovable, and some are not.
But essential is every moment, and every feeling is beautiful.


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