The Perfect Caretaker/Nanny - Qualities to Look For!

The Perfect Caretaker/Nanny – Qualities to Look For!

Childbirth is the most beautiful experience in a woman’s life. But as soon as your maternity leave is over, and you’re all set to join work, your stress level might shoot up while looking for a nanny you can trust. To make it easier for you, here is a list of qualities to look for, before hiring a nanny!

1. Hygiene

The immunity level of your child is low in the early stages of her life. So the most crucial thing to look for is how does the nanny maintain her hygiene.

2. Feeding Skills

Children are moody, which is why a caretaker must look for new ways of feeding your child.

3. Baby Foods

Children enjoy eating different foods. Moreover, it is essential to give them a variety of food so that their nutritional value is complete. So a nanny should be able to prepare different types of food.

4. Safety

A caretaker should be able to secure the baby’s play area, to ensure that the baby is unharmed while playing.

5. Play and Fun

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ Hence, it is necessary for your baby to have enough time to play and the opportunities to smile. A happy child will have excellent growth-rate, and you must make sure that your nanny is well-equipped to give your child that exposure.

6. Basic Medical Knowledge

Understanding your baby’s medical needs is a big necessity, which is why your nanny must have basic knowledge about first aid and medical care.

7. Mentoring Your Baby

Babies learn faster during the early stages of their lives. Hence, it is necessary for your nanny to teach your child good manners, communication skills, and positive habits.

In the end, look for qualities like loyalty and discipline through the actions of the nanny. Also, her love for your child should be visible, as children will be comfortable with only those caretakers who love them from their heart.

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