Pregnancy: Mood Swing Causes and the Art of Balancing Life

One fine day, when everything is going well; you miss your periods, or you just hope that you have missed your period date! So this mood of hopefulness keeps on rising day by day until you finally take a urine pregnancy test!
Describing your thoughts and feelings when you actually take a pregnancy test cannot be described in words! There is hope; there is a surprise, an uncertainty, and waiting time of a few seconds that feel like hours. And yes, it finally shows as positive! Two dark lines on the pregnancy test in your hands!
And there it begins. From getting happy, emotional, overwhelmed, and teary to what not! It is the time when you expect the unexpected. Life is never going to be the same again for the would-be mommies out there.
Rather than a mood swing, I will call all this affair a mood roller coaster in which the entire family sits together.
The first trimester goes off by just deciding how to tell the near and dear ones. How would they react? Should I eat this? Should I exercise, and many such thoughts like these. The doctor visits, new uncertainties, plenty of advice, tips; the restrictions are mind-boggling. To top it off, if you do have morning sickness, then nothing feels more miserable.
Then comes the second trimester, which is a joy ride! Morning sickness goes away (usually. You are more up and about, and happy! The baby bump starts showing this time around, so it’s all happiness with delicious cravings, baby name finding activities, some rest, travelling (as it’s the safest in the second trimester), and just relaxing.
As the third trimester kicks in, again, the discomfort, misfitting clothes, increasing weight, increased bathroom trips, midnight eating, baby and mommy bag packing, anticipation, fear regarding delivery start appearing. The more you try to be calm, the more you become anxious and impatient.
So to avoid the mood swings and anxiety in pregnancy, one needs to meditate, exercise, be calm, think about one day at a time and go with the flow! After all, it’s the most natural and the most beautiful thing in the world! Enjoy it to the fullest!

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