Never Feed Your Cute N Lovely Baby Forcefully Just Play With Them While Feeding

Your baby is special to you, and you want to give them the best of everything whether it is related to the environment, clothing, sleeping or nutrition. We mothers want to make our children healthy and happy. To make them healthy and strong, we force our babies to eat different types of food.


This makes them uneasy and upset.  In this way, we can give him nutrition while forcing but they won’t be happy or like eating. So play with them and make them feel comfortable and let them chew their food slowly at their own pace. This is a great and easy way to make your baby healthy and happy.

Always remember, your baby gets quickly bored with the same food every day, so make sure to give lots of choice of meals to the baby which they love. For example, add some green veggies to soup or make some vegetables stuffed parathas. You can add some vegetables to idli. You can add winter veggies to upma n poha also. Try to make different shapes and sizes of rotis like a flower, triangle, square which creates interest in food . This is the best way to give your baby full nutritional valued food every day. Along with this give your baby a sufficient amount of liquid which keeps them hydrated and healthy in terms of water, juice and all. The most important thing to remember is that never give your baby overnight made food or prolonged cooked food. Just serve them fresh foods all the time.Never hurry up to finish feeding your child, allow them to eat slowly and enjoy their food. Your lil baby always wants your love and care. So spend lots of quality time by playing with them, sleeping with them and so on. Our baby is the best gift to us by God. So give them your best. I hope this is a helpful article for all loving moms.


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