My Poor, Helpless Husband Had No Clue What to Do – Here’s Why!

Mood swings are common during pregnancy; everybody knows it. But, for first-time, soon-to-be parents, it’s a little hard when the wives don’t know how to explain their husbands the things they are going through. This leaves the husbands clueless about it all, but they still try to do their best to help each other, and that makes their love and bond stronger.


As a first-time mom-to-be, it’s all become a rollercoaster for me and my hubby, which is still going on as my due date is in January. I want to share a little story, which is very close to my heart from our rollercoaster ride.

This happened when I had completed my 4th month and just started the 5th. My hubby, all exhausted and tired, came home from work and just wanted to have dinner and get his sleep. But all of a sudden, I felt like crying as soon as I saw him. He had no idea what was going on or whether he had done something wrong. He was afraid that I was in pain; he kept asking me what happened and tried to calm me down. But, I didn’t say a signal word and kept crying while he just sat there holding my hand until I was done.


After 10 minutes I told him that I didn’t know why I was crying, but it felt very good after that. I remember his confused face, totally surprised at how someone can cry without knowing the reason. He probably thought I was going crazy. It tickles me whenever I remember that face. But, after everything he did despite being confused and tired, he makes me want to cuddle and love him even more. That night, he didn’t sleep until I slept.

Pregnancy may be a little difficult, and mood swings can make them worse, but when you have a loving and supportive partner, it becomes less challenging and more enjoyable for both.


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