My Favourite Childhood Memories That I Cherish Always and Forever

Being a 90’s kid, I have tons and tons of memories. It was an exciting era, where we kids got to enjoy a transition period. We witnessed the changing times, a world growing modern and is technologically driven. I must say that we got to enjoy the right things at the right time, unlike today’s children. Here I am sharing a few of my memories, which I would adore forever.

  • When we were kids, we had a typical ancient-style house of our grandparents. Visiting them during weekends or holidays was pure joy. Those houses had a different kind of positive vibe, which I badly miss, and also regret that the kids now rarely get to see such houses.
  • We had some great toys during our time. The hand-held water game toys, the pop-pop boats, dolls with kitchen sets, cap guns, the video games.
  • I miss my school days and those games that we used to play during the breaks with papers, like ‘colour, colour, which colour’, ‘Name, Place, Animal, Thing’, and ‘Flames’. We used to play with our pens on the desk, collect stamps, posters, tiny toys, stickers, and so on.
  • I miss those ink pens, awesome-smelling erasers in different shapes, ink erasers, and the ultimate pen-pencil.
  • I miss those tasty chocolates of the 90’s, and the biscuits shaped as animals and birds.
  • There was eagerness of hearing the last school bell and having an ice lollipop on the way home.
  • Weekends were about watching movies. I also used to enjoy the advertisements very much.
  • I used to love the TV shows on old channels.
  • Summer vacations were about going on a tour. Places during those days were much greener and fresher than today.
  • Just a few days before the school would reopen, we all used to cover our school books and stick our personal favourite labels to it.
  • We had so many interesting story books that time, and so many beautiful songs to listen in our tape recorders. Collection of cassettes and the walk man craze were awesome. Also we can’t forget the computer y2k boom!
  • Summers were all about making refreshing sharbats, the electricity cut downs, then sleeping in the verandas with cool breeze. It was very special with candles around. Though long power cuts were sometimes frustrating, now when I look back and think about it, I have a faint smile on my face writing here.
  • Seasons were about enjoying the rains and making paper boats. Winters were all about good food, Christmas, and New Year celebrations. I remember we used to keep a Christmas grandpa doll.
  • Those days were filled with more warmth and love, which is missing nowadays.

There are many fond remembrances of childhood. I could recollect and pen down a whole book on this topic. It will be treasured forever.


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