Motherhood; The Relentless, Selfless and the Most Ravishing Journey of a Woman

Hello everyone, this is my first blog, and what better topic to talk about than motherhood, the most lovely sphere of life.


I recently became a mother, and the day my daughter was born was indeed the best day of my life; when I first touched her, when I fed her for the first time, when I held her in my arms, the feelings associated with those moments are explicitly indescribable. I recall the sleepless nights and restless days in her first three months, but they never overshadowed my love for my daughter; this is the beauty of motherhood; you are never your priority again.

Now I’ve resumed my professional responsibilities; juggling her and my career is a difficult task, but she is my source of motivation. This is the reward of motherhood: seeing her gaze at me warmly with her small sparkling eyes fills my every nerve with vehemence and joy. Motherhood is a gift from God; this notion comes to mind several times a day whenever I see my kid. Being a working mother has made me more meticulous and detailed in my duties, but she is also my motivation and motivator, so certain ups and downs are resolved quickly.
I’m maturing as a mother alongside her as she gets older. She puts up her best efforts in complying with me, from getting up early in the morning to sleeping through the night. I’m a teacher, so I have to get up early in the morning, get ready for school, take care of my family, and then go to school. I usually wake her up early in the morning, get her ready, feed her, and complete her daily work. She is such a wonderful child that she never disrupts my routine. I frequently wonder if she received prenatal instruction on how to work with her mother because she is my entire universe.
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