Motherhood-three Cheers to Our Imperfections

What is the first thought that comes to our mind when you hear “Mom”?  In a Devi Maa painting, a typical lady with several hands is depicted undertaking multi-tasking jobs. Believe me when I say that this is the only picture we portray in our culture as mothers. This isn’t true. It’s a trap. Our society has conditioned us to assume that our mothers are supermoms, but I do not deny that. As a mother of two beautiful children, I try to make them believe that I am a super mom who can do everything for them. However, I am convinced that this is not true motherhood.

Motherhood is a mixed bag of success and failure. Sometimes it’s gloomy; sometimes it’s bright; sometimes it’s best; sometimes it’s worse; sometimes it’s exhausting and sometimes effortless. Mothers create an atmosphere of protection, happiness, and a good life for our kids. Despite being fatigued and exhausted, they live life to the fullest and with a strong determination.


However, they really want to go to the spa and relax for ten minutes. For a while, they want some own time. For the sake of their family and children, these mothers live their lives with restrictions and adjustments. We’re not perfect moms. We are one-of-a-kind, with flaws in our perfections. Despite our exertions, stresses, management, and exhaustion, three cheers for our inbuilt determination, protection, and energy abilities.

Our primary need is our family. They are the essence of our being. Our children are the joy of our lives. It’s our art of living that makes every mom unique and different.  So let’s pretend we’re still the same women with so many hands doing so many different things. Because it is we who own it, we who are proud of it, and yes, we can and will do it regardless of what happens in the meantime. Keep in mind that you are the most attractive and wonderful mother for your children.


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