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I am the mother of a two-year-old child. My infant is currently in the learning stage, and he notices everything quickly. As a result, I must manage everything in accordance with his wishes.

As babies begin to observe what is going on, we must be cautious and handle things properly. They are curious about everything, including people, places, and events. As a result, I began to tell him everything around him. He is interested in animals such as cows, cats, dogs, and monkeys. He started observing them. Try to sound like them, then act like them in front of me.


When they keep asking you the same questions, it’s essential to manage the situation cautiously. Don’t chastise them; instead, respond to them. I have made a whole room full of stickers, including animals, birds, food, vegetables, alphabet, colour, transportation, and a bit of space and things in our environment. He spends more time thinking about these things during his free time than on his phone. I attempted to teach him rhymes so he would enjoy something better.

Tell him bedtime stories in both Hindi and English so that they comprehend both languages. I placed chart paper with large images on the wall to teach him to colour things from his perspective rather than mine or others’. I enjoyed spending time in the park with him and with other toddlers, so he was not shy with other babies of his age.


This is my personal experience or what I do for his preschool so that when he interacts with these things, he does not feel low because he is already aware of them.


I hope this helps new mothers and others interact with their children.


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