A Story of a Working Mother

It might be overwhelming when you realise you have to leave your baby at home to go to work. Is this just the mother’s responsibility in a holistic sense, or does the female have the most caring nature and is also a mother? These things come to mind because you are constantly confronted with circumstances like these.
You can’t leave your phone unattended when cooking a meal for your infant and your phone calls in the middle. This type of situation can be perplexing, and you learn to shoulder all of these responsibilities solely for the benefit of your child. Motherhood, I must say, gives you a lot of patience, or at least makes you patient compared to what you were before.
Every mother aspires to be a Supermom to her children. Every parent desires to be a role model for their child. When you see your baby’s a happy face and how he chuckles after staring at you when you reach him, all of your worries fade away.
The worry that comes to mind is that no one can care for your baby as much as you do, and some people don’t even try. When you’re with them, you always prepare new food and serve it to them. However, if you cannot feed him, the only choice is to keep his food available, and the caretaker will do so. This makes a big difference, but what is your best option? This frequently occurs in your mind, and as a Supermom, you attempt to find quick and healthy solutions to your worries rather than wailing over them. Good luck to all the mothers out there!
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