Sometimes, I Want to Be Myself and Not a Mother India

Being a mom is a 24-hour job, which has no boundaries. A mother has to just stretch her limits to give the best to her kids. A mother has to make good food, dress up her kids well, make them study and what not! Moms do everything to do their best.


But what do we get in return? Have you ever thought about that? Cards and cake on Mother’s Day and birthday. That’s it! Yes, we also get the love, but sometimes all that moms really need is a break. And there are some of the following things which I definitely need.

I want a big slice of a cake: Yes, I am human too and love eating cake and chocolates. But every time, getting a small bite and little slice doesn’t make me very happy. I want more and don’t want to share too. I sometimes hide my share of chocolate and eat when no one is around.


I want to watch my favourite TV shows: I don’t even remember the last show that I had watched with dedication. Nowadays, all I get to watch is kids’ songs, rhymes, movies, etc. I am bored and tired of watching all that. I remember everything by heart now. I really want the remote now!


I want to play video games: Who says mommies can’t play video games? I am a champ, but I hardly get my phone. It’s either the kid or my husband who plays games on my phone. Whenever I get a chance, I break all their records, and they both feel so jealous. My phone and I only have to take permission to play on it. Why?


I want to enjoy my phulkas/rotis: Yes, the most irritating part for me in the kitchen to make rotis for all in this hot season. But yes, I have to do it. Sometimes some chapatis are good, and some are not. But being a mom, I give the best one to my kids and hubby and eat the not so good ones. I have seen my mom doing it, and now I understand how she must have felt. I really wish I could just sit and relax, and somebody would bring hot phulkas for me one after the other.


Well, many more such situation like this where I want to put myself infront and let others take a back seat. That’s why God made mothers, who sacrifice everything to see a smile on her kids’ face. I am happy being on the back seat. But sometimes I think about myself too. And I feel that is important too!


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