How to Keep Your Toddlers Involved Creatively During Their School Vacation

I am the mother of two young children, ages four and two. Both of my boys keep me on my toes at all times, and the older one, who is naughty and full of energy, can’t stay still for long periods of time. Believe me when I say that younger kids soon catch up to and surpass their elders in naughtiness.


Keeping them occupied is critical; this will help them learn to sit, improve fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination, and, most importantly, offer mothers some much-needed rest.

Below are the tips, tricks and activities I usually keep my toddlers involved with:

  • Finger painting

Children, believe me adore colours and paints. Allow children to sketch aquatic sceneries with thumb painting using a drawing book, paint, an apron, and a mat (this helps you avoid the mess).

  • Leaf Painting

Leaf painting is another painting project that keeps kids occupied. Please give them a variety of leaf sizes and colours and let them express themselves. Teach them to create a pineapple formed using a thumb and leaf painting.


  • Let them draw expressions.

Please give them a bangle and have them trace circles with it as an activity. They will adore it when you show them nicely drawn circles that they produced and then instruct them to draw expressions such as happy, sad, chilly, and hot. This will teach them different expressions and help them correlate them with facial expressions.

  • Activities with Ice cream sticks

Ice cream sticks can be used for a variety of activities and can also be used to teach shapes to infants. As an example, show them how to create a photo frame and teach them the square shape. Assist them in making their favourite superhero and teach them about the triangle form.


  • Let them make some no fire dishes:

They are delighted when they can prepare a dinner for themselves, believe me. Just make sure they don’t use the stove or a knife. There are many things they can make for themselves, such as apple and peanut butter doughnuts, teddy bear sandwiches, and chana chaat (give them the ingredients, let them squeeze the lemon, mix the elements, and garnish) and then let them serve it to you with lots of hugs and kisses.

I’ll be back with more ideas soon. Until then, enjoy the aforementioned entertaining ideas with your children.


Always appreciate your children; this builds their self-esteem, makes them feel valued, motivates them to get immersed in the items you give them and creates a special bond between mother and child.

Love and Light


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