Happy Relationships Are Heaven: The Phases of My Life with 3 Men

Hi all, this is the inner voice of a woman, here to give a brief description about men’s part in women’s lives.


I came from a womb, and made a woman turn into Amma. A Majestic man was outside, who was also parallel-y promoted to Appa, from a man. My Majesty is very tender towards me, because he thought that I have to leave him and my birthplace for sure one day. He has been always accepting and appreciative of me. He pampers me a lot all the time, and also will have water-filled eyes while he renders my name from Majesty’s hierarchy to King’s hierarchy. He is the first man to have concern for me, and framed the course of my life to be very elegant even after his span.

My King, I held hands with him and started my journey. King will occasionally appreciate, and often argues. He tries to correct me whenever I am wrong. This man is not as biased as My Majesty, because he thinks that I own the responsibility, and hold our family pride. A day came where my little Prince entered this world, and promoted me to next phase as Amma.


My Prince is my pride. Initially My Majesty accepted, My king argued, and here is My Prince who is always admiring me. I am teaching him the world, later he will be teaching about the world. I am reliable to him always, and work as a housewife. Yes, when My Prince is returning home from school/college/work, I am always there to share and hear the experience he received. I don’t even mind people asking me about being a housewife – it’s my art, as my King takes care of the outside work, and I am here to take care of my house work. We share our duties equally, so that our Prince will surely be a Great King one day.


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