Every Mother Is a Treasure

The most crucial aspect of our beloved baby’s early months/years is the nourishment they receive for overall development. Of course, mother’s milk is beneficial to babies, but if a mother is unable to nurse her child, formula feed comes to the rescue. Formula-fed infants have the same protection as EBF (exclusive breastfeeding) infants.


The formula is prepared using industry-standard procedures to ensure a baby’s overall mental and physical development. So, if you are unable to breastfeed your tiny miracle, don’t be discouraged or guilty; after all, A MOTHER IS IMPORTANT, and she knows what is best for her child.

If you think your nursing isn’t enough for your infant, keep a keen watch on your diet, which should include green leafy vegetables, especially methi (fenugreek), cumin seeds, poppy seeds, tomato soup, ghee, shatavari powder, edible gum, and so on. Additionally, several homoeopathic medicines can help you increase your breastfeeding. Several modifications in how a baby is fed can also aid, in addition to these homoeopathic drugs for enhancing breast milk production. Allow the child to nurse for as long as they require, rather than timing the feed. When the infant appears to have stopped feeding, switch them to the other breast. If your prolactin levels are greater at night, you could attempt to nurse the infant. Prolactin is the hormone that causes milk to be produced. Oil-massage of the breasts can also aid in the production of breast milk.


Formula feed is also a boon for mothers who cannot breastfeed their babies for several reasons, including surgery, solid medication, baby not latching, inverted nipples, or simply because the mother does not want to breastfeed her baby.


Stop shaming a mother who can’t nurse her child. She is a treasure, and no one can take her place.


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