Gifting Ideas for Newborn Babies and Toddlers


Here are some great gifting ideas for newborn babies and toddlers:


1. Clothes 
An ideal gift for a newborn baby is clothes. Gift them soft cotton or muslin clothes which are suitable for sensitive skin.

2. Toys
Toys are the best gift for babies to keep them engaged; soft toys, rattles, teethers, musical toys, play gym


3. High chair
Help to feed the baby is recommended only after the baby is six months old and has control over his head.


4. Playmat 
A good play mat allows the baby to explore new things on its own 


5. Jewellery
Gifting jewellery is always an asset. Who doesn’t love Jewellery everyone does, so it’s been an ideal gift for decades 


6. Sofa seat
A sofa seat is perfect for a baby above six months who can control his head.


7. Bath and body care
A baby requires good quality baby care products, both bath and body, so one can gift baby bath, soap, powder, shampoo, and oil combo. The best in the market are seamed Cetaphil and the Himalayas.

8. Swaddle 
Swaddle are the most and the best gift for a baby.


9. Walker
Walker is a perfect gift for babies above 6-7 months. Musical walkers are the best-allowed baby to explore and have fun simultaneously. 

10. Gift voucher
When you don’t understand what to gift to a baby, the best you can give them is a gift voucher so that they can get whatever they require, which is just the perfect give for them. 


11. Diaper 
Gifting diapers are the best gift one can give because diapers are expensive. Also, every parent requires lots and lots of diapers right from the day a baby is born to 3 years of age. So gifting diapers are an ideal gift. 

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