Family Planning and Parenting

Many thoughts cross your mind when considering family planning because life is quite challenging. For example, will I be able to get pregnant naturally, will I need to use medication, or will I require IVF? Such questions arise in your mind often.


The process of pregnancy begins once you get pregnant. Various symptoms and mood changes can sometimes make you agitated and worn out. But if your significant partner is with you on this journey and has a deep understanding of you. You have received a blessing from God, I assure you. Periodic physicals provide medication, attend to your nighttime desires, or take you on a lengthy drive to lift your spirits. 

These are the times you begin to think of your mother most often in terms of the care she would provide; no one could match it. However, a loving spouse and in-laws may undoubtedly fill that place.


You will notice your partner becoming more understanding and compassionate as the months and days approach. This was the situation with me, at least. He constantly desired a princess, and I always desired a prince. So before going to bed, we always discussed this.


Finally, on the day of delivery, your parents and in-laws wait to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. Instead, they want to embrace your child and share their joy.


But the present days will be considerably more complicated. You may need to eat healthily to feed your baby every two hours, stay awake the entire night until your child falls asleep, and rest yourself. However, if your supportive partner encourages you to have someone there anytime you are awake, they should provide you with all you need for your child, so you don’t have to get up frequently. Take your infant, engage them, and rock them to sleep so you can get some rest. Parenting gets a lot simpler and less stressful after the first few months.


If you are having issues or believe your partner cannot take on the role of parent, talk to them. It shouldn’t simply be the mother’s responsibility; everyone should understand.


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