Facing Food Fuss? Let’s Make It Fun With Green Leafy Veggies!

Hello mommies and dear parents of tiny tots. Greetings!


Being a mother to a toddler is equally taxing yet fun. Understanding their babbles and coos to wonder what they are trying to express is a task in itself. Amidst all this along with managing daily routine, feeding children is a major task for mums, and to figure out what is right and what isn’t is another big mystery! Let’s bring in some fun to food so that our terrible 2s and over-enthusiastic 1s along with terrific 3s indulge in it happily and with joy!


Certain food groups like green leafy veggies take a long time to digest…literally in the toddlers mind! They never feel like going for a bowl of greens but would happily munch on crisps any day. Do you also face similar issues dealing with your toddler when it comes to feeding them? Okay then, let’s try to make food fun for our kiddos!


How to incorporate greens in their diet is the question. Green leafy veggies have loads of minerals vitamins and plenty of antioxidants which boost immunity. I tried boiling spinach and blending it to make a fine soup out of it. I thought I had achieved something out of it as the aroma of the steaming hot soup filled the air and everyone in the house was waiting to grab their bowls! I hence felt maybe my little one would do the same. If not, he would at least have a small cup of it. Alas! I was disappointed since he just refrained from gulping it.

What Next?

I wanted my little one to eat, but how to make him eat was the question. After thinking over it for a while, I thought of adding some corn and boiled potato to it, mixed up with cheese, and turning them into tikkis.
The spinach soup was used instead of water to mix up the ingredients. I tossed the tikkis in butter and offered it to my tiny little human.


The moment he took the first bite, he fell in love with the dish and happily started munching on healthy green spinach corn tikkis! My cup of joy was full seeing him do that.


One thing I learnt out of this was if we experiment with food for young ones, they love and enjoy every bit of it. The monotonous roti subji or rice or dal do not lure them much. At the same time, keeping the kid’s health in mind we should opt for healthy choices rather than going for ready-to-eat products like junk and fast food.


Such experiments even help incorporate good foods in a different way and make the platter a perfect snack.

Recipe for Spinach Corn Aloo Tikki

  • 1 boiled potato, mashed
  • 0.5 cup boiled corn, mashed
  • 3 tbsp spinach soup or spinach paste
  • Cheese as per your requirement
  • A bit of salt
  • Lemon juice
  • Pepper (if loved by your kid)
  • Butter to shallow fry tikkis

Mix all ingredients to a smooth dough and make around 5-6 small tikkis out of it. You may use a cookie cutter to mould the tikkis and make them more attractive for your little one. Shallow fry it with butter on a pan and serve.


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