Don’t Leave the Steering Wheel of Your Life in Someone Else’s Hands

Don’t leave the steering…


We live in a society where everyone is interested in other people’s lives and want to give their valuable advice to others whether it is needed or not. More than that, there are people who want to control the lives of others. They are so dominating and interfering that they manipulate you, put a lot of pressure, making you fail to even think and understand what’s going on. These kinds of toxic people could be so dangerous for you, your relationships, your family, and your mental health. Especially because somehow they make you feel like you are always wrong, you don’t know how to make decisions, manage things, raise your kids, treat your husband, maintain your relationships, etc. They make you believe that you don’t have any good qualities in you and you should listen to them, or else you will mess up everything if you make any decision or deal with any affair. They actually attack your self-confidence and self-esteem somewhere, to make you unsure about yourself. And when you spend so much time with such people around, you start to believe that way. You know that they are not your well-wishers or friends, but you are scared to go against their word. Because you are scared of failure or are worried about what if it doesn’t work, then they would laugh at you, and you would prove them right if you fail. It happens, it’s a cycle of thoughts. To get out of it, you need to break this cycle by taking a step forward. Let’s see how to deal with this situation and such kinds of people:

1. Start looking and thinking

First of all, you need to address your mental state. When you start looking at yourself and the things around you, start to find out where the problem is. And mostly it’s just that you can’t do something because you didn’t try to do that ever. So start looking and thinking about the things that matter for you and which you need to take control of.


2. Confidence

Whatever the matter is, confidence is the key. Start telling yourself, “I can do it”. You become what you believe. Be confident, trust yourself and be sure about each and every step of yours. When you stand up filled with self-belief, half of your job is done.

3. Start taking responsibility

Most of the time, it’s just that we don’t accept the responsibility of a decision, we have an unknown fear of being responsible for something that doesn’t go well. Fight that fear, leave that behind and tell yourself that it’s okay if something doesn’t work. You’re not the first one to fail or make an inappropriate decision. There are people who fail and they learn from their failures. If something goes wrong, it’s not the end of the world. When you leave that fear, you start living and enjoying your decisions.


4. Be clear

If you want to take that steering back, you need to be clear, with no confusion, no doubts, and no misunderstandings. Make up your mind and other people’s minds very clear about it. You need to tell them that you are in an active mode, you are all there to take control of the situation and ready to take responsibility for the consequences. Sometimes, that energy and force need to be shown, to make them understand your intentions. Just come forward then and there right at the moment of decision making and present yourself firmly at that time.


You are the only one who has control over your personal life, your decisions, your likes and dislikes, people around you somehow affect that. But you should learn to take control in your hands, and learn to hold the steering yourself. Otherwise, they will lead you to the roads you never wanted to be on…


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