Don’t Compare. Every Baby Is Different and so Is Every Mother.

A new mom gets to hear a lot of suggestions, tips, and lessons from everyone around her. But what people don’t understand is that every baby isn’t the same. The baby is different in its own way.


Some babies sleep well, some don’t. Some babies cry a lot and some don’t. So you can’t judge the ability of a mother based on a baby’s behaviour, when it is just born.


Parenting isn’t easy. People around us won’t make us understand how it is going to be with a baby. Instead, they always try to teach us what to eat, what not to eat.


I personally feel that the people around us, whether it is our mom, mother-in-law or sisters, cousins who have experienced childbirth and motherhood, should tell us how it is going to be and how we can cope with it. So it will mentally give us enough knowledge to prepare ourselves.


When a child is born, a mother is born. So you can’t expect a new mom to do all the things that an experienced mom can do. She needs time to get adjusted to everything from breastfeeding to diaper changing. Everything is new to her. So as time goes by she will manage things on her own.


If people around us keep finding mistakes and criticising us then it will lead to depression and affect the mother a lot.

So instead of criticising, let’s appreciate her efforts and make her believe that she can do it. A healthy environment is always good for the baby and for the mother.

So don’t compare your baby with others and your parenting style with others. Everyone has their own way of parenting and every baby is different in its own way,


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