Choosing the Right Sport for Kids. Here’s All You Need to Know

Choosing the Right Sport for Kids. Here’s All You Need to Know

At the recent Asian Games, the performance of the Indian players was best to date with 15 gold, 24 silver and 30 bronze medals. In a country like India where people follow the men’s cricket team religiously, it is because of these kinds of exemplary performances that other games/sports are getting much-required attention. The players’ achievements are working as motivation for the upcoming players and also helping in changing the old age mentality that sports are just for fun.

Everyone is aware of how sports can help not just in physical growth but also in personality development. Self-confidence, teamwork, discipline and abiding by the rules are some other perks that come along with playing sports. Now, the Government too is trying to make amendments to the education policy to make sports a compulsory part of the curriculum.

By the age of six, a child is ready for sports physically and mentally. Before enrolling your kid to any sports program, it is very important to know whether he is prepared for it or not. Different sports require different physical abilities as some sports require good height while for some flexibility is important, so it’s better to discuss with the coach first. Not just physical but mental strength is also required as the training is full of challenges. To accept the defeat with sportsman spirit and modesty towards the co-players is also very important. And above everything else, physical fitness is most important, so medical check-up is a must.

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Key Points to Remember While Choosing a Sport

Below are some key points that parents must consider while choosing a sport for their child.

1. Age

Every sport requires different levels of physical and mental strength. So consider your kid’s age before you choose a sport.

2. Physique

Basketball and athletics can be opted by children with a good height, while kabaddi and badminton for those with a quick responsive body.  A certain kind of physique can be helpful to play a certain kind of sport easily but it does not mean that children cannot perform better in other sports.

3. Performs well in a team or Individually

Kids have different personality traits, some prefer to play in a team and perform well while some choose to play individually and concentrate on their own performance. If your kid is a team player, sports
like cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi would be a better option and for a solo performer tennis, badminton, swimming and athletics would work best.

4. Kid’s Choice

It is very important to ask your child about his interests and choose the sport accordingly. It is quite possible that a little later he might develop an interest in some other sport, accept the change and respect your child’s decision.

5. Kid’s Schedule

A child spends almost half of the day in school. So before choosing a sport, make sure you and your kid have ample time for the sports activity. The timing of the class, duration, number of days in a week, distance from your home, etc must be considered before enrolment.

6. Financial Requirements

Some sports require expensive equipment while some have almost zero expenditure. Apart from this coaching fee, transportation charges are some other expenses. Consider your financial situation before
choosing the sport.

7. Coach

No matter which sport you choose for your child, only a good mentor can bring out the best in him. Meet the coach and see if your kid is getting along well with the coach or not. Choose the best coach.

Hope this article will help you make a good decision and pick the right sport for your child.

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