Caring for Your Little One After They Get Their Vaccination Shot

As many of us have become new parents, we have always been concerned about our children receiving their vaccines. As parents, we cannot bear seeing our children suffering, but it is unavoidable as this is best for their healthy growth. As per the WHO guidelines, a maximum number of vaccine shots are safe and have minor side effects. Here, I am going to discuss one of my experiences with the vaccine shot. My little one never got any side effects with any of the vaccines until when he received a shot of JE 1.


To my horror, he had a 101° fever after 24 hours of getting the shot. Calpol was not calming down his temperature, so I was terrified thinking what had happened to him so suddenly. As I rushed to my paediatrician, she explained to me the vaccines can sometimes have adverse effects. Later the fever was brought down by the doctor.


I’d like to share some of the information with mommies or anyone out there who may experience something similar.


1. Don’t be concerned if your child experiences side effects following the vaccination that they have never experienced before. It’s quite common.
2. The mommies who are breastfeeding, give your feed as much as you can. It helps in easing your child’s pain.
3. You can always use basic paracetamol after the shot as a precautionary measure or to avoid causing discomfort to your child.
4. Don’t worry, the vaccine shot’s side effects and pain will go in 72 hours; if not please consult your paediatrician.
5. You can always put a cold cloth on the vaccination spot and hug your child for easing their pain.
6. And most notably, whenever the COVID vaccine for babies are in the market, make sure you give your child a shot of the dose too as it’s best for them.

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