What Care Should Be Taken for Low Placenta during Pregnancy

A low placenta is very common during pregnancy. It’s not a problem. You will find many articles on this. I am sharing briefly about it and how to take care during this phase.All pregnancies are different. You can not compare yourself with others. A low Placenta means the placenta which develops during pregnancy in the womb comes lower to the cervix. This needs special care as there could be risk associated with it. Just be careful. So just to avoid risk, be careful. Don’t sit on the ground and don’t use Indian toilets for a few months until it goes up. Sometimes, you need to take bed rest as prescribed by your doctor. This can go from 10 days to 2 months, depending on the situation. Generally, it gets resolved with time. If it’s low till the due date, then delivery is generally C-section.Things to remember- no lifting weights, don’t sit on the ground, don’t use Indian toilets. If you are consuming heat producing eatables try to limit the consumption, excess consumption of walnuts may lead to bleeding which is not good ( walnut is good for baby’s brain development. Try to soak it and then have it). Don’t do exercise, and maintain your weight. Nothing to worry. Just be careful. When you are on bed rest, try to sleep in a position in which your legs are the level of your upper body. You may use pillows under your legs, or sometimes people put something under the bed on your leg side such that your sleeping position is low on the upper part and legs are up. This position increases the chance that placenta goes up.I hope this article answered at least a few questions that you may have had. You can write your queries if required. I will try to answer. All the best to all the mommies-to-be :

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