An Incomplete Story of Depression and Feeling Helpless During Pregnancy

I am Madhu, a pregnant woman of 6 months and 14 days, suffering from depression. I feel everything is revolving around me, and it’s like vertigo. I feel an imbalance in my head and both eyes. And I am also worried about my baby’s mental health, and every moment I am worried that my baby is also suffering from the same. I always think about my baby’s mental health. It makes me more sick and tired, and depressed. My husband is not supporting me. He never has any plan to make me happy. He is very abusive, and he never helps me with my daily routine tasks. He is always busy with his work. I feel he has another affair at his workplace. He is always taunting me about my weight and makes me feel like I am looking ugly. His mother, father, and family never cared about me. They always wanted to use me as their maid and never gifted me anything. They never celebrated my birthday, and I am worried they will also hate my child if I die after my child’s birth. It’s a love marriage, and my parents are also not with us. I don’t know how to describe my grief in words, but I am very stressed and alone. At that time, I always tried to keep myself happy, but I failed. I am worried that I don’t know how to manage myself and my baby if I have a cesarean section for delivery. I’ll share my upcoming story with you. Please pray for me and my baby’s health. If you have any good ideas to keep oneself happy, please feel free to share them with me as they can save the life of my child and me. My husband never stays at home with me, except for his one week off. I feel a huge difference in him after marriage, but I cannot do anything. If I speak one word and ask him about his life, he always gets abusive and thrashes me, and I get panicked and more stressed. I always calm myself by saying he has been busy with his work from the beginning of this marriage. But now I know that he is busy with someone else. I felt that he would be fine when I was pregnant. He will care for me, but it proved wrong he is more careless and shameless. That’s it. That was my story. I will update you about my child’s health after delivery. Please stay updated with me.


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