Getting Pregnant

An Unforgettable Journey – From PCOD to Motherhood

Motherhood is a blessing that most female eagerly waits for. But sometimes it is just a dream which is far from reality for a few females.


PCOD/PCOS is becoming common nowadays and is happening to every 1 in 5 girls. It is such an issue, and if it is not addressed at the right time, then this could lead to infertility.

I was diagnosed with PCOD after a couple of months of my marriage in the year 2017. Our world suddenly turned upside down when I learned about this disorder. I consulted many doctors in Delhi but all in vain. They all suggested that I must get an IVF, and were least interested in treating the condition.


My husband and I were not in favour of this and started looking for another doctor. Luckily, we found one who not only cured the disorder but assured us that we would conceive naturally.


After two long years of medications, the day I had been waiting for finally arrived, and the doctor said that I had been cured completely of PCOD. These words were sheer poetry to my ears. That day was the beginning of good days in our lives.


Months passed and out of nowhere, I realised that I had missed my period. I then checked and found the result to be “positive”.


We were over the moon after getting to know that we are pregnant!! Nothing in the world can be compared to the joy and happiness of having able to carry a baby within you.


I felt blessed that I could experience this beautiful phase of motherhood.

The start was rough, but the ending was just amazing. We welcomed our angel on 04 Jan 2020. Soon she will be turning a year old. This journey of the first year has been wonderful. I wish all the luck to all those who are expecting and those who are planning. Those who have welcomed their kids, good luck to them as well.



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