6 Winter Products That Will Change Your Life With a Colicky Baby

Being a new parent is one of the most underrated and demanding jobs out there. As soon as the baby shows signs of being in discomfort, the entire family runs helter-skelter, looking for options to soothe the baby. While we adults can speak and express ourselves, unfortunately, the same doesn’t apply to babies. The only way they can convey they are in pain is to cry out, and it’s truly heartbreaking to hear their cries while not being able to understand the reason behind them.
There could be various reasons your baby is not in the best of moods, one of which is colic. A baby is said to be colicky when they cry for prolonged periods for no apparent reason and with no sign of stopping. A baby could cry to announce that they’re hungry or need their diaper to be changed. If you’re confident your baby’s tummy is full, and she doesn’t need a diaper change, this crying is due to colic. And during winters, the cold weather does nothing but aggravate the situation.
Many first-time parents don’t know what baby products work to help soothe their baby, so we’re here to help. From gripe water to bathtubs, we’ve got it all covered!

6 Must-Have Products for Your Colicky Baby During Winters

These are the six products for everyday use that make having a new baby so much easier and fun!

1. Swaddle

There’s nothing more soothing to a colicky baby than snuggling up in a swaddle. A swaddle mimics the environment of the womb in which the baby resided for a good nine months! From muslin swaddle blankets to sleep sacks, there are so many options to try. Try swaddling your baby and see the difference it makes with soothing them. And most importantly, a swaddle also promotes safe sleep.
The stretchy, soft fabric of the swaddle allows some movement while still providing a feeling of security and snugness. And you don’t have to worry about fancy tying methods, as there’s no such thing as the perfect swaddle.

2. Nasal Aspirator

Nasal mucus is known to disrupt baby’s sleep and makes them uncomfortable during feeding sessions. Winters are notorious for making the situation even worse. Enter the nasal aspirator. It helps to suction out the mucus and clear the nasal pathways gently. You can use it with a nasal saline solution for the best results. However, don’t forget to consult your paediatrician before doing so! You can try a traditional nasal bulb aspirator or a snot suction tube. Try using an aspirator before feeding your baby or putting them to sleep if you feel they have a congested nose.

3. Gripe Water

Unfortunately, colicky babies often suffer from gas and bloated tummies. If you notice your baby making grunting noises and struggling to pass gas, you can try offering Woodward’s Gripe Water. It gives your baby instant relief from stomach pain! The Dill seed oil and Sarjikakshara ayurvedic formulation will provide instant relief to your baby from pains due to indigestion, gas, and acidity. A baby who’s entirely at ease will sleep well too. Now that’s a win for both baby and parents!
Woodward’s Gripe Water is also a saviour during the teething phase. A lesser-known fact is that babies also suffer from colic while teething as they take in extra air through their mouth due to the pain. Offering your little one, gripe water during this exciting but painful phase will help provide them with relief.

4. Baby Rocker

A baby rocker is one more product you can add to your arsenal to soothe a colicky baby. It helps your baby stay in a taco-like position that makes her feel safe and comfortable. A rocker is perfect for your little one to take a nap or when you need to stay hands-free for completing any chores around the house. Bonus points if the rocker comes with vibrations, soothing melodies, or toys attached overhead!

5. Baby Carrier

Colicky babies usually never like to be kept down, which makes doing daily tasks such as grocery shopping or cleaning the house impossible! In such cases, a baby carrier will be your new best friend. You can thank us later! An ergonomic baby carrier keeps your baby close to you for a comfortable snuggle and is also comfortable for the wearer. You don’t have to worry about back pains, as the well-positioned belts take off the pressure from the back. You can wear your bub in this every day while getting things done.

6. Baby Bathtub

Consider investing in a baby bathtub if you have a colicky baby. The tub allows your baby to bathe in the foetal position and relaxes her without requiring her to lay down flat on her back. A tub with an anti-slip mat will be perfect for preventing accidental skidding. Even the fussiest babies feel soothed in tubs; the warm water has a comforting effect on them. And a warm bath during a cold winter works wonders in relaxing thzingem, just like it does for us too!
Handling colicky babies can be difficult and stressful. The best thing you can do as a parent is to remain calm, as babies tend to pick up on our emotions and energies too. Our goal with this list of best products for a colicky baby is to provide an overview of the products that will make your baby’s life (and yours) a whole lot easier during those tiring times.
Do let us know your thoughts or if you know of a product you feel should be included in this list!
About the author – Supriya Katiyar is a trusted dietitian expert qualified in child nutrition. She loves to work on both fitness and healthy diet plans and has been in the field for over 3 years. In addition to being a nutrition expert, her aim is to inform her readers about how personalized, unique diet and fitness plans help more in the long run rather than generalized diets, starvation and boring workout routines.
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