5 Inspirational Movies You Can Watch With Your Kids

5 Inspirational Movies You Can Watch With Your Kids

Kids, especially those from 4-9 years want to experience everything around them. Apart from playing outdoor/indoor games, they also want to explore television shows, cartoons and movies. We, as parents, are always in a dilemma about what to let a kid watch and for how much time.

We need to limit screen time. However, if your child is still keen on watching television, why not let him/her watch kids movies or inspirational movies that can be beneficial in terms of understanding the practical aspects of life? I have brought you a list of inspirational movies that can be watched by a child.

First, you should watch the full movie and then watch it again with your kid, so that you can answer all the questions that she has while watching the movie. Also, this allows you to take a call on whether you want your child to watch a particular movie or not.

1. Sniff

This is a light-hearted children’s film that depicts a child who cannot smell. An accident in the school lab and what happens next is not only attention-grabbing but also surprising and interesting.

Takeaway: The child learns to have empathy for others. Also, it clearly shows that nothing is impossible in this huge world if she wishes to do it.

2. I Am Kalam

This is a delightful kids’ film about Chhotu, a poor child labourer who is inspired by Dr APJ Kalam. He wants to go to school and learn English but his poverty does not allow him to. However, he leaves no stone unturned to fight his destiny.

Takeaway: The child learns to follow the dreams.

3. Taare Zameen Par

A story about an 8-year old boy who is thought of as a trouble-maker and daydreamer until an unconventional art teacher helps his parents realise that their son has dyslexia.

Takeaway: Parents who expect their child to get good grades without understanding their real potential can learn a lot from this film.

4. Dumbo

A fantasy adventure film about a young baby elephant whose over-sized ears enable him to fly, and how he helps save his struggling circus.

Takeaway: Along with adventure and drama, the entire story portrays many emotional phases and makes your child develop a sense of sympathy and love for animals.

5. Malli

A film developed by CFSI, Children’s Film Society India, Malli, a poor tribal girl in Kerala, helps her family by fetching firewood and spending time with her hearing- and speech-impaired friend. Things take a turn when she learns about a magical blue stone that can help her friend.

Takeaway: Hearty moments touch the soul and explain that friendship is above all. Also, it teaches your child to treat the animals with love.

A few movies which I liked watching with my daughter are:

  1. Cinderella
  2. Barbie
  3. Beauty and the Beast
  4. The Little Mermaid
  5. Bhootnath

Every child is different and so we are parents. Their choices may differ from ours. Spend some time watching these movies with your kids. They will really love them.

Hope you like this post. Please share your thoughts with me. Love to hear from you all. Thanks.

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