Fun & Interesting Challenge Ideas & Activities for Your Kids

Challenge Your Kids With This Amazing Activities

Is your child bored playing with his usual toys or doing the usual stuff at home? Are you looking for ways to enhance your child’s skills, especially problem-solving capabilities? If your answer to both these questions is yes, then you must indulge your child in some mindboggling challenge activities! Such activities are not only great to keep kids occupied; they also challenge kids and help boost their confidence. Read this article to for some amazing activities to challenge your little one.

Fun Challenges for Kids

Here are some fun and exciting activity ideas to challenge kids. Your little ones can enjoy them during summer breaks, birthday parties, or use them just to kill boredom!

1. Write With the Wrong-Hand

This activity is great for playdates or get-togethers. You can give a paper and pen to each child. Choose a passage, poem, or any interesting piece that you want kids to write. The catch here is to write with the wrong-hand or the hand that the child does not use for writing. The one who finishes fastest or writes neatest will be the winner!

2. Stack the Forks

This stacking activity may sound easy, but it can get tricky and also a lot of fun. Give plenty of forks to your child for this activity; however, make sure all the forks are of the same size and made of the same material. Now, ask your child to start stacking forks on a flat surface by placing the first fork facing downwards. The second fork should face the opposite direction, and its handle should rest on the handle of the first fork. The child should keep stacking the fork by alternating the direction of every fork. The fork tower should stay stacked for at least 5 seconds to be counted as a tower!

3. House of Cards

A deck of cards can help you plan many challenges for children! This activity requires a lot of patience and practice. Balancing cards on top of the other cards to build a house is challenging because each storey has a wobbly surface, and factors such as wind or the placement of the cards affect the structure.

4. Walk a Day in Someone Else’s Shoes

More than just an activity, this is a great way of helping kids understand what others feel and go through. This challenge can be done in several ways. The child could use just one hand when doing regular tasks, such as making his bed or packing his school bag. Or, he could make certain decisions, such as buying groceries in a limited budget or choosing a healthy vegetable for dinner.

5. Mirror Draw or Write Challenge

All you need for this task is a mirror, a few pens, and papers. You can give any word or picture to the child, and the trick is to look in the mirror and write or draw it on the paper. This means that the child is not directly looking at the word or picture but looking at it in the mirror. It may sound easy, but it can get a lot trickier.

6. Roll a Dice for the Story

Your kiddo will need to wear his thinking hat for this creative activity. You will need dice, paper, and a pen. Make different lists of genres, settings, characters, and other such aspects of story-writing. Assign numbers to each entry in each list. The idea is to roll the dice for every category and weave a story around the child’s options. It can get even more fun if a group of kids is involved in this activity as every child will come out with their own imaginative and creative story!

7. The Phone Challenge

This activity is just like the usual telephone game kids play sans a real phone. The child is required to whisper his message or response in another child’s ear instead of speaking out loud. You can keep a time frame for this activity, or make it more challenging for the kids by asking them to have conversations in this manner for the entire day!

8. Paint With Toes

Painting with hands is something everyone can do, but when it comes to painting with one’s toes, it requires some real effort and skill! This fulfilled activity is one of the most interesting kids challenge ideas, and all you need is some open space, craft papers, paints, and paintbrushes. You can set a theme for the painting idea or encourage them to paint anything they wish to. You will be thrilled to see how sometimes kids come up with unique and out of the box creations.

9. Organise a Garage Sale

This is an effective way of teaching kids some business skills. Ask your kid to assemble all the things he does not require or use anymore, such as toys, books, clothes, etc. Older kids can be encouraged to calculate the prices for some or all the items. You can help your child design the flyers and distribute them in the neighbourhood before the Garage Sale.

10. Cook Together

Cooking can be an exciting challenge for children; it helps them understand the value of a homecooked meal the importance of eating healthy foods. You can start preparing a meal from scratch and do this as often as you and your child feel comfortable. If you wish, you can have a dedicated day of the week for cooking instead of making it a daily activity.

11. Make Your Kid In-Charge

This activity will help your kid get a sense of responsibility. You can ask him to make decisions,  such as choosing the breakfast, lunch or dinner menu, deciding who will do the laundry, buying groceries, making the bed, etc. This gives your child a chance to make some important decisions for the family and feel responsible. After the day is over, you can discuss how he performed his duties and guide him if you feel he needs improvement.

12. Wiggle and Jiggle

This activity can make your kid roll out on the floor, laughing as he has some crazy fun. This simple yet tricky activity requires kids to wiggle or jiggle their bodies. You can ask your little one to wiggle his finger, ears and nose, jiggle his belly, etc. He will be amused as he learns to wiggle and jiggle because not all kids can do it right at the first go.

13. Water Talking

Get ready to have some rollicking fun with this challenging activity your kid will enjoy to the core. This activity should ideally be conducted in a group. Ask a child to fill his or her water with mouth and say a phrase or sentence that is penned down on a piece of paper. Others have to listen and guess what the child is trying to say. Ensure the child has had a big sip of water, or else he can say the words easily. See the kids enjoy a weird kind of madness with this activity!

14. Use the Feet

In this activity, your kid will be using his feet for every possible activity, such as painting, closing or opening doors, picking up things, etc., which are otherwise done with hands. This physical activity will encourage your little one to challenge his limits and know more about stuff they can do using their feet!

The next time you need something constructive and challenging for your child to be occupied, do consider some of the above-mentioned activities. Not only will they bring some encouraging moments into your child’s life, but also give him a great sense of accomplishment every time he does something right!

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