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Amelia Name Meaning and Origin

Amelia is an English variant of Amalia, which comes from the Germanic word "amal," meaning 'work.' The name also exists in other foreign languages...
Arab couple visiting a mosque

100 Arabic Last Names or Surnames

Whether you are browsing Arabic family names out of curiosity or are interested to learn what your family name means, you will most likely...
mother thinking of baby names

50 Cool 4 Letter Baby Names for Boys

If you have recently given birth a baby boy, we know you must be in search of a unique name for him. Choosing a...

Top 100 Dutch Last Names Or Surnames

Most Dutch surnames are either habitational or occupational. These last names of the Dutch, who are native to the Netherlands, a country in western...
Bird Names for Baby Girl With Meanings

50 Bird Names for Your Gorgeous Baby Girl

Parents always dream for their child to fly in the bright blue sky, with respect and success as their wings. Bird names are recently...
Japanese Baby Boy Names With Meanings

75 Best Japanese Names for Baby Boys

Being a parent is a big responsibility. If you've recently given birth to a child, as a new parent, you'll have enough and more...
Johnathan Name Meaning and Origin

Johnathan Name Meaning and Origin

It’s natural to ponder over name choices for your baby when you want to keep it unique and beautiful. Johnathan is one such name...
expectant parents searching for a danish name for their baby

100 Danish Names for Boys and Girls

Parents are always looking for naming inspirations, especially when they are expecting. If you are going through this wonderful process too, then it is...
image representing the Hawaiian culture

60 Hawaiian Last Names or Surnames

Hawaii has a vibrant culture and picturesque landscape, and every time we think of it, we see images of people surfing, hibiscus flowers, and...
50 Best Two Syllable Baby Boy Names

50 Best Two Syllable Baby Boy Names

Your baby boy is undoubtedly the most precious gift in your life and as all new parents you want to make sure his name...



Working Memory in Kids

Working Memory in Kids – Meaning, Importance and Ways to Improve

Working memory is a person’s ability to hold information in the mind while performing a complex task. The more working memory the person the...

Zion Name Meaning and Origin