Using Castor Oil for Fertility: Health Benefits & Precautions

Can Using Castor Oil Pack Improve Fertility?

For a few aspiring parents, conceiving a child is not as simple as undertaking intercourse and they might be looking out for other ways to improve their fertility and raise their chances of conceiving a baby. Medical treatments are always a possibility but a few natural remedies also hover around the horizon. Few of them come with some assurance of their chances of working and safety while numerous others might usually seem shady and even lead to disastrous consequences. Amongst all of these lies the suggestion of using castor oil to improve fertility, and you might be wondering how potent this can be. Being understanding of the benefits it can provide is certainly a necessity, but being aware of its side effects should be kept in the mind, too.

What Is Castor Oil?

Castor seeds have been utilized by humans since many millennia ago. A specific variety of the castor plant is the one, whose seeds are obtained and processed to retrieve the oil from them. This particular oil is generally termed as castor oil.

What Is A Castor Oil Pack?

The castor oil combined with a few more items that can be used together to reap the benefits of the oil constitutes the castor oil pack. These usually contain a cloth which can absorb the oil efficiently and is used on various parts of the body to stimulate the circulation of blood and accelerate the healing procedures within.

When and How Often Should You Use Castor Oil Pack for Fertility?

On a general basis, an entire therapeutic session involving castor oil should go on for an hour to an hour and a half, around 4 times in a week, ranging for at least 3-4 months.

For women who are usually looking to improve their fertility, making use of castor oil packs on alternate days is highly recommended except for the menstruating periods. When you are actively working towards conception, this frequency needs to be adjusted to be used only when you are in the first half of your ovulation cycle. If your menstruation is generally accompanied with heavy bleeding or you suffer from fibroids, there are a few tweaks that might have to be made in the usage frequency of castor oil packs.

Benefits of Using Castor Oil Therapy

Castor oil therapy is quite a popular technique used by a variety of women for different purposes since its array of benefits is quite wide and can provide various results in varying situations.

1. Improve Fertility Naturally

Opting for medication or undergoing some treatment is always an option, but these are still artificial and not exactly how our bodies are meant to respond in a normal setting. The castor oil therapy has its roots in nature, with the entire procedure focused on getting the body to improve its fertility by itself. Bringing up the hormone levels on your own accord and keeping away from the harmful effects of medicinal drugs can be healthy for body and instil a sense of confidence within the woman as well.

2. Natural Detoxification

Conception is quite a tricky process on a biological level. The slightest hindrances from the presence of certain toxins or microbes can cause it to fail altogether. By including castor oil therapy regularly, these toxins can be flushed out of the body and a healthy state can be instilled within, making it a conducive environment for conception to take place successfully.

3. The Growth of The Endometrium

Once conception is successful, the foetus needs to be held securely within the uterus and be cushioned from any minor movements or jerks until it becomes strong. This is done when the endometrial lining within the uterus is thick and healthy. For this to take place, usage of castor seeds is highly recommended since they stimulate the growth of endometrial cells and improve the chances of keeping the conceived child safe and secure within the uterus.

4. Proper Fallopian Functioning

For conception to take place successfully, the sperms need to travel all the way from the vagina up to the fallopian tubes, where they meet the egg that has been released from the ovaries down the tubes. This is where fertilization takes place successfully. To improve the chances, one can make use of castor seeds that work effectively in clearing any kind of hindrances within the fallopian tubes, creating a clear pathway for the egg and the sperm to meet together.


5. Supporting The Uterus

The uterus pretty much ends up becoming the home of the new child for a period of 9 months. Hence, it is just as necessary to keep the home strong and supportive of the child, if the conception ought to result in a healthy pregnancy and proper delivery. Using castor oil works in supporting the health of the uterus, which indirectly works towards increasing the overall fertility of a woman.

6. Better Egg Production

There can be no foetus if the sperm does not have a proper egg to fertilize. The ovaries within a woman’s body produce the eggs for fertilization, and this can only happen if the ovaries themselves are functioning at an optimal level. Having a good amount of eggs and in their healthiest form is a key measure of a woman’s fertility. The inclusion of castor seeds can help ovaries maintain their healthy state and keep fertility levels high.

How to Use Castor Oil Packs for Fertility?

You can start using castor oil packs right away by adhering to the following steps.

  1. Wear old clothes since castor oil can leave irremovable stains.
  2. Place your cloth in a bowl and add castor oil slowly until it is soaked properly.
  3. Lie down and place the cloth on the area that needs the therapy. Cover the cloth with a protective layer and place a heating pad or a hot water bottle over it.
  4. Let it stay like so for about an hour while you either rest or meditate. Once done, rub the oil gently and then clean the area properly.

How to Make Your Own Castor Oil Pack?

There are certain castor oil packs that are available in the market. However, you can make your own pack right at home with a few easy to obtain ingredients and a simple process.

What You Will Need

  • Old sheets and clothes that are open to being stained
  • A container for the oil
  • A heating pad or hot water bottle
  • Plastic wrap or a protective cloth
  • Bottle castor oil
  • A soft flannel cloth
  • Baking soda

How to Make

  • Make sure the container is wide enough to allow the flannel cloth to sit in it and be soaked with the oil.
  • Check how much castor oil is needed to soak the cloth properly but not make it dripping wet completely.
  • Place the cloth on your body along with the plastic covering and check for the right temperature of the heating pad that makes you feel comfortable.
  • Make use of a solution of baking soda with some water to clean your body after the therapy, in order to get rid of any castor oil on the surface.
  • Store packs in refrigerators properly so that you can reuse them up to 30 times before replenishing it.

Precautions to Take while Using Castor Oil

Along with the benefits of castor oil, there are a few precautions one needs to undertake while using them. Never consume castor oil since it can be quite harmful to the body. Avoid using it in areas that have open injuries or damaged skin. Don’t use it once you are pregnant and reduce usage when menstruating, especially if the blood flow is heavy.

The usage of castor oil packs for fertility success has generally spread by word of mouth and is now being recommended by certain fertility specialists. However, it is still necessary to get your doctor’s advice in this regard. If certain medical conditions make it dangerous to expose yourself to castor oil, it best to stay away from this and opt for other fertility boosting options instead.

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