Could Fertility Astrology Really Help You Get Pregnant?

Can the Stars and Planets Send you Tips to Conceive

Strange as it sounds, your stars could be affecting your chances of getting pregnant. Freaked out? Well, some people believe astrology has a direct say in blessing you with a child. Even if you are not a believer, consulting the cosmos could be a fun, harmless idea. Perhaps, astro fertility could have some answers!

They say we’re made of stardust. That we’re a remnant of cosmic chaos. It seems possible to believe, then, that the universe may have some say in the events that unfold in our lives. If you’re a believer in astrology, you know the stars can impact your moments with their movements – even, perhaps, the decision to bless you with a child! Fertility astrology is what some women turn to in knowing the right time to conceive.

Be Guided By Fertile Stars

1. Be at the right place at the right time

The nexus between stars and conceiving is based upon your location when your favourable stars rise in the horizon. It is said that when these stars rise with the sun, they surround you with energy and this energy determines your luck. So, if you can have the perfect meeting point of your presence and the stars, you might just hear baby bells. Well, starry or not, you sure need lots of perfect lovemaking sessions to conceive!

2. Enjoy baby-making holidays

Ever heard of dates and holidays for the rising of fertile stars? Funny as it may seem, baby-making holidays are actually announced on astrology platforms over the internet. Believer or not, they can be a great way for you to unwind after the anxiety of trying hard to conceive. While there is no guarantee that you’ll be blessed with a child, what’s the harm in enjoying some sexy time with hubby, eh?

3. Wither away all your worries

Are you stressed out, battling irritation or continually anxious? These are absolute no-nos when you’re trying to conceive. Astrology believers suggest discovering compatibility between your stars and those of your husband’s to shoo away tensions that might be keeping you from getting pregnant. Ah, haven’t we all been guilty of occasionally taking astro-compatibility quizzes and giggling over the results? It may be time for a recap!

4. Let stars light up your medical past

Did you have a failed pregnancy in the past? It could have been due to an undetected illness. Or maybe you’re feeling stressed out with everything going on around you. Some astrology experts claim to be able to gain insight into your medical history through your stars. Once you treat your ailment, you will have a better chance of conceiving. Astro or not, good health is surely key to becoming a mommy!

Stars are harmless and unassuming, lighting up your life every night. While astrology isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the good thing about stars is they have no ugly side effects to tackle. Astro fertility can be a fun, fascinating arena to explore when you’re baby-making. After all, the universe works in mysterious ways!

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