Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Women

Can Sinful Dark Chocolate Be a Healthy Snack?

Dark chocolate is the delicious wonder-kid on the health-and-fitness block. Sourced from cacao trees, it is rich in flavanoids and is even considered a superfood. Read on to find out what the advantages of dark chocolate are and give in to your sweet tooth in peace!

Indulge your chocolate cravings with dark chocolate as this treat has more than 70 percent cocoa solids and less sugar and fat. It’s decadent and delectable, and a powerhouse of health benefits. Give your taste buds a healthy kick, in moderation!

What Are the Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Women?

Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood stream. The oleic acid in cocoa butter (the same mono-unsaturated fatty acid in olive oil) raises good cholesterol (HDL). Research says that dark chocolate is good for your heart. It makes your blood vessels more flexible, prevents artery clogging, and lowers the chances of a stroke. The tasty snack also contains flavanoids – beneficial compounds that have been proven to improve blood flow to the brain and retina, thus improving vision. What makes dark chocolate even healthier is the presence of antioxidants like quercetin that fight free radicals.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate For Women

Ladies, now science is backing up your chocolate cravings! The flavanoids in dark chocolate help protect skin from UV rays and it’s beneficial for the treatment of anaemia, a common concern for women across races and age groups. The nutritional value of dark chocolate includes minerals like potassium, selenium, and iron. While selenium regulates thyroid function and improves immunity, potassium is great for bone density. On days when you really need a mood boost, eating dark chocolate can help you feel better as it releases endorphins and triggers relaxation, producing a happy high! The low fat content and high soluble fibre makes dark chocolate good for weight loss, while the zinc helps metabolise proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Again, just make sure you moderate your consumption, follow a healthy diet, and exercise regularly.

Interesting Facts about Dark Chocolate

  • Dark chocolate is the original chocolate first consumed by mankind! Harnessed straight from the cacao trees, these were the days when extra sugar and milk weren’t added.
  • Cocoa beans were used as currency. Money does grow on trees after all!
  • Dark chocolate complements red wine!
  • It’s low in caffeine and doesn’t give you acne. Another advantage of dark chocolate!
  • This treat is believed to increase life expectancy.
  • Cocoa in dark chocolate helps produce more ‘good bacteria’ in your gut.
  • Dark chocolate is mostly pure cocoa, and can help fight tooth decay.
  • Dark chocolate is a potent antioxidant which improves immunity and helps fight free radicals that can cause tumours and cancer.

See why is dark chocolate healthy? It’s a delicious blessing that everyone should indulge in on occasion. Keep some cubes or bars in your purse when you’re out running errands and need an energy boost. With all it’s health benefits, the question of whether dark chocolate is good for you has been more than answered!

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